A Michigan Player Sees He Has $750,000 In His Lottery Account, Calls To Complain About ‘Mistake’ He Finds Out He Won The Jackpot

The lucky player wins the Fantasy 5 jackpot from the August 12 raffle.

Photo: Dominic James/Shutterstock

A 78-year-old man logged into his Michigan Lottery account online and saw that he had taken the $751,265 premium jackpot.. The player says that at the time he thought it was all a technical problem.

“I logged into my account the next day and saw a message about how to claim my prize. When I saw that my account balance was $751,265, I thought there was a problem with my account,” William Chamberlain Jr. told lottery officials.

“I told my wife that something had to happen in my account because of the balance it was showing,” he added.

Then the man decided to call the state lottery office on Monday, August 15 to complain about the problem, and there he found out that the whole thing was completely real.And there was no technical problem.

Chamberlain won the Fantasy 5 jackpot from the August 12 draw. “I haven’t stopped shaking and haven’t been able to sleep since I won. It’s still not real,” said the Montague town man as he claimed his prize.

Chamberlain purchased his winning ticket online at 01-06-26-28-29, the Kansas City Star reports.I saw that the Fantasy 5 jackpot was growing and I had $21 in my lottery account so I bought three $5 ticketsSaid the player who plans to pay the bills and save the rest of his prize.”

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