WhatsApp blocks screenshot of temporary photo and video messages

WhatsApp, How to prevent temporary messages from taking a screenshot

WhatsApp continues to improve its privacy settings and features, and it’s up and running now An update that will allow users to prevent their contacts from taking screenshots of photos and videos that is configured to be displayed only once.

This messaging platform, being the most used of its kind around the world, has spent a lot of time focusing on developing functions that will facilitate communication between users, such as read confirmations, inclusion of more emojis, reactions and now with any emoji. .

But Now the Meta-owned app has decided to prioritize the privacy and security of its usersFor example, it was recently known that they will implement online status customization so that only some selected contacts will see it, or no one can see it if desired.

The app now focuses on security and privacy updates.  (Photo: megacin427.com)
The app now focuses on security and privacy updates. (Photo: megacin427.com)

Also, they were working on Add a second verification code to notify people of suspicious logins to their WhatsApp accounts, Similar to Gmail checks.

s As the next step in this type of update, screenshots will no longer be possible when it comes to photos and videos that are configured so that the receiver can only see them once, At least that’s what was revealed by Wabetainfo, the popular online medium for advertising WhatsApp news.

According to the aforementioned portal report, this new option was discovered in version of WhatsApp beta for Android, although Meta Director Mark Zuckerberg recently and officially announced that screenshots of multimedia messages can be blocked in the coming days which are sent in temporary mode across the platform.

It will not be possible to take screenshots of temporary photos and videos.  (webinfo)
It will not be possible to take screenshots of temporary photos and videos. (webinfo)

According to the photo also shared by Wabetainfo, every time you want to send a photo or video to see one, A pop-up notification will appear informing the user that this type of content cannot be saved, shared or copied in any way.

In this way, it will be impossible for the recipient of this type of photo or video to take a screenshot, and it will not even be possible to use the services to record the screen. It is worth noting that In any case, the user who submits the content will receive a notification that an attempt has been made to copy or save the message.

The portal also informs that while this new functionality can be discovered in the Android beta version, it is not yet available for the rest of the beta versions, let alone all users, due to It is still under development but is expected to be available in a future update.

Whatsapp dark mode
Whatsapp dark mode

Like the rest of the current platforms, regardless of whether it is for computers or mobile phones, WhatsApp also provides the option to implement dark mode in its various versions, either in the mobile application or in the web service. These are the steps.

1. Enter the WhatsApp application

2. Go to Settings by clicking on the three dots on the top right of the screen.

3. Enter the chat section.

4. Select the “Theme” option at the top of the list.

5. Touch “Dark” which is the last possibility displayed.

1. Open the web version of the messaging service. It must be remembered that the account must be linked by scanning a QR code.

2. Click on the three dots in the chat section, next to the “Status” and “New Message” icons. Do not confuse the other three dots located in the upper right part of the screen This corresponds to the list of options for a particular chat.

3. Select the “Settings” section which is the third in the list.

4. Click “Subject” in the fourth option list.

5. Click on “Dark”

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