ETECSA launches an unlimited dollar internet package

The Cuban Telecom Company (ETECSA) On Friday, it launched a new version of the Transfermóvil application through which Internet packages can be purchased without restrictions, when paying in dollars.

Payments can be made from the MiTransfer exchange, which is the main novelty of the new update of Transfermóvil, which is nothing more than a virtual money account linked to a mobile phone number, which can be recharged and operated without the need for data other than the user’s phone number.

MiTransfer allows you to have two rechargeable accounts – one in dollars and one in Cuban pesos – within the Transfermóvil app (regardless of bank cards), so that users can make payments for services and buy products from the company that monopolizes mobile and fixed-line telephones in Cuba.

Customers who wish to use this new option must pre-register from the Transfermóvil app. Once registered, they will receive an SMS with a four-digit PIN (password) that they must modify on first use.

“The US dollar account creates a balance with recharges from abroad, and once recharged, the customer will be able to purchase products and pay for communication services such as promotion of international recharges, bundled plans and Nauta Plus,” specified Friday Official Gazette granma.

However, the official apparatus of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) did not reflect the dollar price of unlimited internet packages. Through a tweet, mobile phone company Cubacel indicated this Nauta PLUS package (valid for 15 days) costs $15While The device with 30 days of shelf life can be obtained upon paying $25.

The Cuban regime’s greed for foreign currency, of which the PCC is a mainstay, appears to cause embarrassment to its theorists and reporters when it comes to “informing” people of these “opportunities” that only highlight the injustices suffered by workers. Cubans who get paid in peso and have no other way to get dollars, in addition to highlighting the inequality that is spreading among Cubans encouraged by the incompetence, greed, and inaction of the military, communists and rulers.

The new Nauta PLUS method allows unlimited internet browsing while the contracted package is activated, which can be valid for 15 or 30 days. In the case of a CUP account, Granma explained, the balance is generated from CUP bank card recharges from Banco Metropolitano, Bandec and BPA, private or from someone else.

With it, you can pay for services and purchase products in Cuban pesos, such as phone bills, mobile top-up, Nauta cards, and make payments online (through face-to-face payments in commercial units). Both accounts will be able to make transfers to other clients who have exchanges with accounts of the same type of currency.

Likewise, transfers will not be limited to a certain amount per day, but will be limited to the maximum allowed per account (CUP account: CUP account: 30,000 CUP/USD: 1,000 USD). as detailed granmaAnd the “Each transfer will have a cost in the same account currency: 0.04 USD and 1 cup respectively”.

Nauta Plus can be used in ETECSA and third-party navigation rooms, such as the Joven Club de Computación, Correos de Cuba, WIFI_Etecsa and from the Nauta Hogar service.

Since they are non-rechargeable packages, the Nauta PLUS user will have to pay for a new package when the contracted account expires.

at the end of July, ETECSA Limited, without prior notice, mobile recharges Island users can do through Transfermóvil.

“Transfermovel limits recharges to only two per day, and it seems unacceptable to me that services continue to be restricted. Ultimately, whatever limits our influence affects us. This measure is completely against the community’s desire for computing,” he said. User complained like many others on social networks.

Soon, the state monopoly responded that “modifications have been made to this platform to ensure its best performance.” CyberCopa He tried to contact ETECSA to find out, among other things, why customers were not notified of the decision and whether it was a temporary or final measure, but he did not receive a response.

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