4 habits that will help you increase your money and make a profit

Caring for our money is very relevant to our lives now and in the future, so having established habits gives us profits and peace of mind over time.

This is necessary at a time when experts see instability in the global economy, with a strong trend toward recession. Added to this are layoffs in various industries and curbing employment in companies.

Before you worry too much, it’s best to learn how to manage your money and be “aware” of any situation. In the event that nothing serious happens, your actions will improve your personal financial situation.

“With everything we have lived through in recent years, and to this day, paying off debt and recording how much we spend is not enough. While these are great habits, they still need to be put to good use for money,” said Jimena Cullen, Head of Trading at Financial platform Flink, in a statement: For this to happen and for us to do more with what we have, we must implement effective methods, so that they work for us.

This is essential at a time when experts see instability in the global economy, with a strong trend toward recession. / Getty Images.

These are the four actions we must consider to manage our money and make a profit.

1. Clarity

And we are not referring to the Menudo song. This ensures that you see how much you earn and how much you spend.

“A simple rule that applies in this case is 50/30/20. That is, 50% of your salary should cover mandatory expenses, such as rent, food and transportation. 30% (you should) allocate it to those tastes that you deserve after you have worked. 20%, Save it or invest it, so you make more money with what you have left,” says Colin.

2. Appropriate tools

Investing your money is a very smart decision, but you need to know how and what rules each platform or tool has in order to make higher profits.

“If it is your first time investing your money, start with simple financial products. An example is Vifaru Casa de Bolsa, which you can access through the Flink app. You can deposit from 10 pesos and start earning at a rate of approximately 6.5% per year ( …). The head of trading at Flink said in the document: “The more money you allocate, the greater the profit, because with this type of product they pay you only by having it in your account.”

3. Beware of scams

If you notice that a financial company or platform is offering to double your money in a “blink of an eye”, do not deposit a single peso.

It is very likely that it is a scam, because legal and established companies do not make such claims. It would be impossible to get these amounts in a short time.

4. Never stop looking forward

Starting the habit of saving and investing can be frustrating; You don’t see a lot of profits and you think your money isn’t “working out” well.

However, this situation is normal, and over time, your resources “pay off”, as well as getting a better financial education, the financial platform Flink said.

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