ETECSA launched unlimited internet in Cuba to pay with dollars only: this is nauta PLUS

ETECSA, Cuba’s state telecommunications monopoly, launched unlimited internet for Cubans on the island on Friday with a new service called nauta PLUS that pays only in dollars.

The new nauta PLUS will cost $15 for 15 days and $25 for 30 days.

Many Cubans wondered why unlimited internet was available to contract in dollars and not peso. “In US dollars? Isn’t it possible to use CUP and USD for Nauta PLUS? Improve WiFi speed, etecsa knows little when you see the speed is getting stressed, it is very slow in neighborhoods and range is very narrow,” said Alejandro. .

“This is the currency used by people who are on their feet, those who sometimes have a landline phone but don’t have a family abroad,” and “Can you explain why people of us with iPhones can’t access these services? They can also explain why Can’t customers who only have cup mugs have access to the Nauta Plus service?”

“Where is the national currency, why can’t we use the peso to get the Nauta PLUS? Where is what the Minister of Economy, Alejandro Gil Fernandez, says that we should use the national currency more? I still don’t understand, public corporate policies are going on one side and companies on the other ” Julian said.

ETECSA CLEAR USED IN Twitter That “you can’t choose between a nauta account and a mobile account because nauta PLUS is a new nauta account method that allows unlimited internet browsing while the account is valid, which can be valid for 15 or 30 days.”

Can be used from nauta Hogar service, ETECSA navigation rooms and THIRD PARTY (Young Computer Club, Cuba Post Office) and WIFI_ETECSA areas.

“You can choose the beneficiary, which can be a mobile phone number or a Nauta account. This means that the beneficiary does not have to be by name and surname,” he added.

ETECSA said on its official website that nauta PLUS “is a new nauta account method that allows unlimited surfing of the internet while the account is valid, which can be valid for 15 or 30 days.”

“You can stay connected for as long as you want until the account expires. Remember that for security reasons, the maximum browsing session time is 12 hours. After this time, the session is closed and you have to go back to the connection (authenticate) to continue browsing.”

The government company noted that “the syntax for the nauta PLUS account will be user @ domain. The user will be digital and the domain will be nautaplus. They will enjoy unlimited internet (browsing time) while the account is valid (15 or 30 days).

nauta PLUS can be purchased with the account in US dollars of MiTransfer Exchange. You can buy it for yourself and also for a family member or friend. There are no restrictions on the amount of purchases. They are not rechargeable.

As per the above mentioned source, to buy a nauta PLUS account, you need to have a balance in the USD account. Go to the Buy nauta PLUS menu option. The beneficiary of the purchase can be you or a family member/friend.

To make a purchase, you must specify the beneficiary, indicating a private mobile phone number or an international nauta account (those with domain @ If you are using a nauta account internationally as a reference, you must also indicate a private or company mobile phone so that the purchase notification can be received via SMS.

ETECSA made it clear that they will not refund if you do not activate the account, do not want to use it, or do not fully use it.

For more questions about nauta PLUS, you can visit the official website of ETECSA.

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