Super savings up to $80,000 in your piggy bank

If you are determined to have a file Finance Personal Stay solid so you don’t have a hard time making ends meet or fifteen days And I give you a wageprioritize the expenses you have over that period, putting the amount of your main income – payroll – and additional if you have them, into your account monthly budgetto distribute these economic resources to your fixed expenses, to pay your financial obligations and also your expenses piggy bank.

If you have a savings account in your bank, this is much better, because in this way your money will be protected in a safe place, but it will also generate returns according to the interest rate offered by the financial institution, to counteract the effects of inflation or even make your money grow. In case you don’t have one pocket or a small pocket to open one, use 40 Weeks Savings Challenge You can build a big piggy bank of 80,000 pesos.

Although it is a test that must be passed, what you will show is simply that having savings is not impossible, and that at a specific time from the beginning you can start to follow this habit and then continue to apply it in your financial life so that you have this support that helps you prevent Recruitment religion One of your odds is when an unexpected event suddenly appears.

By following this disciplined payment system, your piggy bank will soon be filled with 80,000 pesos in less time than you can imagine. (my pocket)

During the challenge, you will have to take responsibility for doing the following contributions As shown in the following table, it will be convenient for you to write by hand in your notebook or even print it so that you always have money on hand to check how much you have to pay each week.

We also recommend the 3 week challenge, do you want 8 thousand pesos in your piggy bank soon?

The importance of having Payment scheme From the beginning of the challenge lies in the fact that the premiums that make up it are always different, because from the moment you make the initial contribution of a thousand pesos, you start an upward trend to improve your saving capacity by adding $100 in each new contribution compared to the previous contribution so that you can something Little by little, deposit a larger amount without feeling it because the routine will prepare you for this habit naturally.

In the 12th week the rhythm of increases relaxes and the weekly amount of 50 dollars will keep the volume of contributions increasing, but with a more relaxed intensity and after week 21 you will subtract those 50 pesos instead of adding to those deposits from now on it is more accessible and continue to boost activity The ongoing issue of paying your piglet so that you can actually redeem the prize inside when you make your final contribution of $1,150.

We suggest that you read the steps so that WhatsApp does not fill your memory with multimedia files

When you finish this challenge, there will be no more excuses not to unlock it saving accountbut not to avoid maintaining this habit, as part of your lifestyle and thus always keeping your finances in good shape.

For more information on this and other topics, visit the pocket money savings section.

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