10 Canceled Games You Didn’t Know Existed (Part 2)

  • 10 Abolished Games You Didn’t Know Existed, Part 1
  • The number of titles canceled in our industry is more than we can imagine. And we’re not just talking about small studios or indie teams, but also big productions that receive bad news after investing large sums in these games that never see the light of day. Most companies hide it, like it’s something to be ashamed of, but sometimes something creeps through the network. in Vandal We have a passion to discover these titles that we never playAnd after the good reception of the first part, we decided to find out more.

    game cyberpunk Canceled from the riot

    Riot Games, the studio behind the success league of legendsBetween 2013 and 2014, I worked on a title that was canceled in a rather dystopian future. cyberpunk. We don’t know any details about it, other than the fact that the artist of these images, Flavio Hoff, jokes about the secrecy of this project, hinting who is the developer of this scrapped title. It’s interesting, if nothing else, to see how Riot explored other ideas that ran counter to its greater success.

    Galle: Riot’s Cyberpunk game has been cancelled

    left 4 Dead game From Jurassic Park

    We started with a rather curious project. During our investigation, we discovered that, apparently, the defunct French studio VirtualKeys received a proposal (or a proposal, it is not entirely clear to us) to create several virtual and augmented reality projects based on virtual keys. Jurassic Park. One of these projects was a The game centered on this license that copied a formula left 4 Dead game…but with dinosaurs. This wasn’t a big project, but we think it’s such an interesting concept that we brought it up to wonder why no one has done it yet.

    triple unknown with giants

    Although the illustrations aren’t overly flashy, this artist’s background is what makes them all the more impressive. William Bow has worked for companies like ID Software, Respawn, Treyarch, Activision, Riot Gamesknowing that Bao himself described it as tripleIt is very likely that he was one of them. For the rest, we know very little about this mysterious project.

    Galle: A canceled and unknown game with giants

    zero hour project Who is Starbreeze?

    Another unknown address is an address called, very likely temporary, zero hour project. These illustrations by Bradley Wright Let’s take a look at this concept, and be guided by the artist’s biography, Everything indicates that it was going to be an action adventure developed by Starbreezelike the game makers Riddick RecordsAnd the SyndicateAnd the the darknessAnd the Brothers: The Story of Sons also Payday 2.

    Galley: Starbreeze Project Zero Hour canceled?

    • Project Zero Hour game canceled
    • Project Zero Hour game canceled

    new croc

    I’m sure many will remember Croc, the crocodile that has starred in many games by Argonaut Games, developers of Argonaut Games. fox star. The saga died two decades ago, but Looks like six years ago someone tried to buy it to make a new game or remake. The deal appears to have gone nowhere, as the license is still in the hands of Jez San, founder of Argonaut, who made clear two years ago that he was still open to the possibility of taking it back.

    Croc games canceled and unknown

    Canceled game from Ubisoft

    We’ve recently seen how Ubisoft doesn’t shake hands when it comes to canceling games with the announcement that development of four of its titles has abruptly halted. Thanks to Bradley Kachel, we got a sneak peek at another canceled game from the French company. We know absolutely nothing about this title, other than the fact that it was never announced, that it was intended for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and that the characters included a CEO and a computer technician.which are two of the images that you can see in the images below these lines.

    Galera: Ubisoft game canceled and unknown

    Action game? by Nexon

    One of the most intriguing titles we came across during our investigation is the canceled Nexon title. Nexon usually focus on Asian market games, online multiplayer and free to playTry his luck with the western market, open A studio in California where he hired some of the most talented developers in the industry, and stole them from studios like Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica or Blizzard. One of the games they were working on was the one you can see below, which we can only imagine could be an action adventure.

    Gallery: Action game? By Nexon Cancel

    Dark 3 by Hydravision

    Even without the title that sold well, those of us who played dark In its day, and especially in the co-op, we remember this saga with great fondness. Unfortunately, it never seemed to be very profitable, and Hydravision started work on the title that would eventually launch as final exam To try to finance the third part. Things didn’t go as expected, but finally We were able to find some pictures from the third batchCourtesy of Anthony Laurent.

    Galley: Hydravision’s Obscure 3 . has been canceled

    Disney’s multiplayer social game

    A somewhat curious project, we don’t know much about it. I know we can tell you Disney has been working A large-scale multiplayer social game aimed at a small audience, and has been in development for at least a year, between 2011 and 2012. This title will include many areas in which different users can interact, each with different environments inspired by a thousand and one licenses from the entertainment giant. According to Craig Voigt, the artist behind these scenes, the team never knew why it was cancelled.

    Galle: Disney’s massive multiplayer social game has been canceled

    Square Enix Best Control?

    Another interesting title is this. Although we don’t have an official title, we used the name of the illustration by Alwyn Talbot. In your bio, we see that He has an undisclosed game with Square Enix, although he previously worked for Acclaim or Rebellion. We have to leave everything else about this project to your imagination, though out of curiosity, I know we can tell you that the artist removed the image from the internet, so he might have pre-loaded it and the publisher asked him to remove it. Anyway, we’re closing today’s show with one of those titles that lets us know how many games have been canceled without even knowing anything about its existence.

    Beast Control, Square Enix game canceled

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