WhatsApp will block screenshots that can only be viewed once

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If you are using a file One view messages on WhatsApp for what we all think, this news piques your interest. courier service test it a function to prevent users from Take screenshots of both configured photos and videos To see only once.

The Pictures s Self-destructing messages This is a relatively new feature in service, but they have transformer in a way popularity Share photos and videos that you don’t want others to store on their devices, either for privacy or security or to reduce your Effect i fingerInternet.

A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg Announce new privacy features for whatsapp, which included the blocking from the catch Single display message screen. The idea is simple: at this job Available, neither you nor the users to whom Sending temporary messages will be able to take screenshots of Photos and videos can only ben see once.

Image of the article titled WhatsApp will block screenshots of images that can only be viewed once

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according to WABetaInfothis job was already In development for beta version of WhatsApp for iOS, today Traces were found in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. among these Effects, there is a new screen This makes it clear to users that single view images cannot be shared, forwarded, copied, or… save, no you may make them Screenshot.

When the user tries Take a screenshot of these images with your phone, you will see a warning message what. Says: “For extra security, the screenshot is blocked”, or something similar. Unlike single Instagram photosthe sender will not receive Notice when the recipient does Screenshot: capture It will be immediately banned.

Although there is no one The exact date of the arrival of this function indicates the fact that the effects are already starting to appear in public beta versions It won’t take long to reach. Of course, even if screenshots are blocked, your contacts They will always be able to use another device to record ephemeral images, so sending sensitive images via WhatsApp will continue to pose a risk that they will remain Recorded by the other person.

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