What is known about the supersonic aircraft ordered by American Airlines

Supersonic aircraft
The forerunner will be able to reach speeds of up to Mach 1.7. Boom over the sound

They will be able to fly over the sea at Mach 1.7, twice what today’s fastest commercial airliner can achieve.

They are presented aircraft, a new generation of supersonic aircraft It aspires to fill the remaining void in the air market by leaving the legendary Concorde.

On Tuesday, American Airlines announced an agreement with Boom Supersonic, the manufacturer of the Overture aircraft, to acquire 20 of these aircraft, although there is an option to acquire an additional 40 aircraft.

American Airlines has confirmed that it hopes to have the world’s largest supersonic commercial fleet Fly from Miami to London in less than five hours or from Los Angeles to Honolulu in just three hours.

However, this airline is not the first to receive this model, as in June 2021 United Airlines signed an agreement with Boom to purchase 15 units, with an option for an additional 35 units.

The world’s supersonic commercial flights were suspended in 2003when the last Concorde in service stopped working, which was towed for security reasons, after a ship of this type had an accident on July 25, 2000 at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris that killed 113 people.

Speed ​​of sound and sustainable?

The front will be designed to carry between 65 and 80 passengers with a range of about 7,800 km.

The front can carry up to 80 passengers. Boom over the sound

According to its manufacturer, the four-engine aircraft will be able to operate on more than 600 profitable routes around the world.

Boom claims to have incorporated environmental sustainability standards into its design, which is why Its goal is that its flights are carbon-neutral.

This is a complex issue as the air transport industry is criticized for being one of the most polluting.

Faced with this challenge, the company claims to be conducting comprehensive research among sustainable aircraft fuel projects with the aim of solving the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, they say, the best fuel of this type on the market offers an 80% reduction in CO2 in its life cycle compared to conventional fuels.

The manufacturer has teamed up with Prometheus Fuels, which they say has a process that allows it to create sustainable fuels from carbon dioxide in the air.

Boom Supersonic claims it The fuselage and fore wings are designed to improve airflow, reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency.

Technologically, it is not difficult to achieve supersonic flight. The challenge is to provide a service that passengers can pay for and that is less polluting.

The introduction is scheduled to launch in 2025, but is not expected to begin carrying passengers until 2029.

It remains to be seen whether by then it has been able to achieve its ambitious goals and whether it has been able to fill the void left by Concorde.

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