Cleaning solution mixed with Capri Sun drink and they ask to remove thousands of boxes – Puerto Rico Metro

Kraft Heinz has announced that it is recalling more than 5,500 Capri Sun liqueurs after the production line was accidentally mixed with a cleaning solution.

Through a press release, the company noted that 5,760 boxes of Capri-Sun cherry flavor were voluntarily recalled after diluting the solution in the product. As they explain, the cleaning solution is used in food processing equipment and is “inadvertently introduced into the production line”.

“The issue was discovered after we received numerous complaints from consumers about the taste of the affected product. The company is actively working with retail partners and distributors to remove potentially affected products from circulation.”

The affected product was “Wild Cherry” with an expiration date of June 25, 2023.

Additionally, they confirmed that none of their other products were affected in this incident.

The company confirmed that it was working with retailers to remove the product from circulation. People who have bought the product should not consume the same and be required to return it to the store where they bought it.

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