Trick to see if you have been silenced in WhatsApp

Today we will introduce you to a trick With the popular WhatsApp you will be able to find out who silenced you, so watch out so you have another trick up your sleeve.

If you really want to know if your friend or partner has muted you on WhatsApp, then you should definitely use this simple trick.

As you know, WhatsApp is one of those Applications It has gone through endless changes over the years.

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Nowadays, you can not only chat with your friends but also reply to what they say and create groups of more than 200 people.

While if you want to know if your friend or partner is with you silent In WhatsApp, there are several tricks to achieve this

However, the app we’ll show you next is infallible and you don’t have to have to install third-party apps to achieve this.

The first thing would be to open WhatsApp in case you are close to your friend, then send him a file message.

Remember to tag it in case you are in a group and if it rings, it means it hasn’t muted you.

Conversely, if his cell phone is not ringing or unresponsive for a long time, he may have silenced you.

It is important to note that to silence a person, you have to enter WhatsApp and then go to the profile of the person in question.

At that moment click on Mute and choose whether you want to mute this person for 24 hours, 7 days or simply forever and that’s it, when you receive a message from this user, cell phone The world will not ring.

On the other hand, if you want to know if someone else is watching your WhatsApp, what you should know is that WhatsApp can be opened on up to 4 different devices.

To do this, you need to erase a file QR Code In order to access conversations, we often forget to close our conversations on our work computer or laptop.

As a result, not only can anyone see your chats, but they can also perform activities you don’t want on WhatsApp.

To do this, go to WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the top corner, now you have to go to “Linked Devices”.

At that moment, you will see all the terminals or computers where you have opened your WhatsApp, and if you do not remember them, it is better to delete them all so that your conversations are closed from all these aspects, this way you will have more protected your WhatsApp.

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