What is Classicscam the new way to steal credit cards online?

So far, the new scam has stolen more than $29 million from credit card users in Europe and the United States.

Internet theft and fraud have grown a lot in recent years, each time using new methods and despite the fact that security protocols are now more reliable, higher risks always appear.

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According to the Spanish newspaper La Razón, there is a new mechanism that has spread mainly in European countries and the United States, which mainly affects credit card users.

This type of theft is called Classicscam and it is a scheme focused on attacking users who are primarily making online purchases.

Crimes are spreading more and more on the Internet. Photo: Archive

Classicscam operates on the Telegram messaging network through suspicious links, and has been programmed by hackers to gain access to users’ banking details.

So far, according to La Razón, the mechanism has stolen about $29 million in thousands of fraudulent operations that it has carried out on different mobile devices.

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One of the main ways to avoid falling for this type of theft is not to click on website addresses whose source is unknown, or if they come from the Telegram platform.

If someone wants to make a purchase online, it will always be a good idea to manually go to the seller’s website.

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