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What happened to the perseverance chariot? In his collection of samples in MarsThe robot caught the attention of NASA scientists for an item found in its envelope. This led to the immediate investigation of the nature and origin of what was called “poetry”.

This was reported by mission blog by the project manager NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Art Thompson. In his description, he indicates that this item could have been identified by The method of work What does the team do?

Also when collecting samples Pictures are taken of all parts of the system. So when you get material #12, A thread has been detected in one of the areas of the robotWhich led to an immediate investigation of what happened.

In this way, the file researchers who follow in my footsteps Presence It will take several days to analyze the sample, as they have done on previous occasions, in order to Protection of Mars materials To be used as a primary research source in Mars.

The ‘hair’ was found inside the rover (Photo: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

What lies behind the rover’s hair stability on Mars?

The Container Will review carefully The origin of the “hair” in the drill chuck of the chariot of perseveranceto see if it is an external element or If it was part of the robot sent to take samples from Mars.

Although there is speculation at this point, Thompson also made it clear that it cannot be ruled out as part of perseverance After landing on February 18, 2021. At this point in the process, the parts that did their job are always left behind.

Another detail that caught the expedition’s attention is that in addition to the leadsAnother object of small dimensions was also found in an exercisewhich will also be analyzed by the team on Earth to determine its origin.

The ‘filaments’ that caught the attention of scientists were concluded to be part of the rover (Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

How will NASA bring Mars samples to Earth in 2033?

the wanderer perseverancethat landed on Mars A year and a half ago, he had already collected 11 rock samples. But returning it to Earth so it can be studied in depth for traces of ancient life turns out to be a complex task that requires multiple steps.

Until now , Container He was planning to send another rover to Mars, which would collect samples collected by Perseverance for transfer to the probe. In this module, there will in turn be a small rocket ready to put the samples into the orbit of the Red Planet in 2031. More information here.

Is there water on Mars?

A few months ago, NASA was able to make an important discovery: the neighboring planet contains large deposits of water within the Earth’s crust.

In fact, the news has managed to be a trend on networks and the internet, leading thousands of internet users to start theorizing about the use humanity can make of this discovery.

More information about Mars

When can a person reach Mars?

For Laura Furchik, a space sector analyst, “it’s possible” to send humans to Mars, “but for now, it’s safe to send robots.” See their full details over here.

Is there life on Mars?

For years, there have been various rumors about life on Mars, even portals and the media came up with theorizing about the presence of intelligent beings in the red country. It is sure that? Find out more here.

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