They’re putting up over $4,000 in Sonsonate Seniors Pension

According to the complaint of the victim and his lawyer, the money was taken from the man’s account, via a debit when he made the purchase at a facility, in case a complaint had already been submitted to the Attorney General’s office.

Juan (not his real name), an 80-year-old retired man, would often come to a drugstore to buy his medicines and other products he needed to survive, and he was always treated very kindly.

After several purchases in August, he discovered something abnormal in his savings account, which he paid through his debit card. As several days went by, he discovered that his “little savings” had disappeared day by day; But not knowing what was happening, he was upset, his savings, more than 4,000 dollars were stolen, through the rebate that was paid at the pharmacy where he went to buy his medicines.

According to lawyer Angel Madrid, who is familiar with the case and filed a complaint with Attorney General, More than $4,000 was deducted from the man’s account at the Sonsonate division.

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Condemning the case on Twitter, he said, “They stole from the accounts… of an elderly adult who purchased his medication from said pharmacy, #Sonsonate Centro branch.”

He confirmed that “the 80-year-old victim always bought his medicines from the aforementioned pharmacy and used his debit card. This was the only place he used it, and it was through the statement of the card’s account that he learned that in the said pharmacy he made purchases amounting to about $4,000, And of course he never bought it.”

According to the victim’s lawyer, the charges against the card occurred between July 1 and August 1, in one month.

“In one day they made up to 10 movements. The victim is worried because she carries her pension on that card and uses it to buy medicines for the various diseases she suffers from,” he explained.

Before what happened, Don Juan decided to take the account statement with the charges to the pharmacy to try and get clarification on the applicable charges which he didn’t. “He has not yet received a response, they just signed the statement of account where the charges were verified,” the lawyer said.

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He added, “Only on August 1, last, $778.81 was debited from his debit account. The pharmacy has subtracted the amount as it can be verified in the bank statements.”

In this case, according to the old man’s lawyer, they would likely have committed two crimes; Theft and fraud.

“What a man wants is his money.”

For this Saturday, as it was known, there will be a meeting between the pharmacy’s attorney and the man’s representative to find a solution to the situation, which has already been notified to the Attorney General’s Office.

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