The gas station gap with El Paso . has been shortened

After touching nearly $5, the price of gasoline in El Paso dropped to the $3 barrier. Despite this, in Juarez it is still cheaper.

According to the Energy Regulatory Authority (CRE), the cheapest liter of ordinary was sold yesterday for 16.39 pesos on this border.

While the page shows that the cheapest gallon of regular gasoline out there yesterday cost $3.09, with an average exchange rate of 20.10 pesos to the dollar, which is 16.40 pesos per liter, one cent more than in Juarez.

Meanwhile, the most expensive gallon out there is $3.89, which equates to 20.65 pesos per liter, 3.01 pesos up from the maximum of 17.64 pesos in Juarez.

tank full

Thus, filling a 50-liter tank with the cheapest gasoline costs 819.50 pesos here, while in El Paso it costs 820 pesos, that is, fifty cents more.

At the most expensive here the same tank is filled with 882 pesos compared to the 1032.5 pesos required in the neighboring city.

Gasoline price in El Paso for a week has dropped to $3, causing some facilities to run out of fuel over the weekend.

Because of this, some people came from El Paso to fill their tanks in Juarez, also taking advantage of the fact that it was still cheaper here a week ago.


The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has fallen below four dollars for the first time since March.

The average price was down two years to $3.99, AAA gas prices reported Thursday, down 20 percent from its June high of more than $5.

According to the financial website, this decline is due to lower oil prices, which in January were around $80 a barrel and then exceeded $120 in March, due to concerns that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to reduced supply and disrupted energy markets.

“Prices at the pumps quickly rose by about 20%, about a week after the Russian military invasion at the end of February,” he said.

But he added that oil prices have fallen since early June, while the price of US benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude is hovering around $91 a barrel.

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