Buying millionaire Dolph Lundgren shook the entire United States

Dolph Lundgren has an impressive collection of cars, cherishes a millionaire purchase that shocked everyone, because in addition to its price, he also has a special connection with the Sylvester Stallone. We show it to you…

Dolph LundgrenAnd the The talented actor who played the fearsome villain Ivan Drago in the iconic movie “Rocky” with Sylvester Stallone, was one of the productions that catapulted him to fame.In addition to his majestic presence, which always shines as an opponent of many film projects.

Within the repertoire of the famous Hollywood star, stories such as “The Expendables”, “Rocky Balboa”, “Universal Soldier”, “Creed II: The Legend of Rocky”, “Operation Rescue”, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” Among many others their earnings throughout their career have accumulated a fortune About $145 million.

Now, thanks to its fruitful trajectory, which even now continues to give people something to talk about, it is too Her range of cars is amazing, which includes a variety of exclusive models, which she is very proud of on social networks. With your loved ones enjoying the best behind the wheel.

Buying a millionaire who shocked everyone as well as escorted him anywhere is his Ferrari 612 Scaglietti worth $300,000. Which hides a V12 engine, has 533 hp as well as a top speed of 320 km / h, which highlights the trip from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds, as well as changing the automatic transmission manually with its pleasant environment.

That must be added This special car features the details of being the favorite actor to go out with his fiancée or with his daughtersbecause he loves its amazing interior that is full of comfort, and registers to share with his fans of the family’s favorite car.

It is important to add that This luxury sports car was also purchased by Sylvester Stallone but in black, Leaving more than one person speechless and Surprisingly, Hollywood stars in movies and even in Ferrari cars taste coincide.

Dolph Lundgren with his daughter in a Ferrari

Dolph Lundgren posing with his Ferrari partner

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