Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin prices today August 13, 2022

During the morning of Saturday, August 13, 2022, this is the prevailing behavior in the markets of both countries Bitcoin As one of the main elements Cryptocurrency Ahead of the various coins in the markets, highlighting the state of Bitcoin, the first virtual token to be launched today is set around $24,400 per unit.

After the previous days when relevant economic information was released for both the domestic situation and the international context, the markets continued to wait for a reversal of the negative behavior that characterized the crypto markets, which reached their lowest levels after the historical maximum. Only at the end of last year.

Bitcoin price on August 13, 2022:

  • Bitcoin in USD: 24K 500.70
  • Bitcoin in Mexican Peso: 485 thousand 806.25
  • Bitcoin in Colombian Peso: 102 million 102 thousand 747.10
  • Bitcoin in Argentine peso: 3 million 296 thousand 439.33
  • Bitcoin in Chilean Peso: 21 million 456 thousand 733.03.03
  • Bitcoin in Euro: 23 thousand 871.64

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Ethereum price on August 13 From 2022:

  • Ethereum in US Dollars: 986.83 thousand
  • Ethereum in Mexican Peso: 39 thousand 395.38
  • Ethereum in Colombian Peso: 8 million 279 thousand 796.13
  • Ethereum in EUR: 935.82 thousand

Today, August 12th, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin prices may interest you in Dollars, Euros and Mexican Pesos

Dogecoin price on August 13, 2022:

  • Dogecoin in USD: 0.073
  • Dogecoin Mexican Peso: 1.46
  • Dogecoin in Colombian Peso: 305.82
  • Dogecoin in EUR: 0.071

In the event that your plans include investing in virtual currencies, do not forget that digital assets are highly volatile in the markets, which implies that many people go through them in search of attractive returns, so you should remain vigil of their development before implementing your own. operations.

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