Who will pay their $650,000 for $1 coin?

On a daily basis, it varies Coins s banknotes which were found inconspicuously in the pocket when counting the pieces necessary to cover the various sums provided that their sum gives the appropriate number or significantly exceeds the sum of Transaction to change and terminate the process.

That’s why Bank of Mexico (Banxico) supplies the necessary parts so that the national cycle does not lack the items needed to carry these things back to normalDaily actions with different designs that stand out among which are commemorative coins, which are commonly seen even as merchandise in the popular e-commerce portal Mercado Libre México, like other more popular presentations, which are not uncommon to see advertised at high prices on said digital platform, as an example we have this offer from One peso coin they are trying to sell for at least 650,000 peso.

For any payment or even a bank operation, such a coin will have a value corresponding to its denomination, but this seller does not seem convinced that his coin is good for a peso, because he hopes Get earnings Much larger.

For this one dollar coin for all practical purposes, they ask to pay 650,000 pesos. (Mexico Duty Free)

It does not necessarily mean that the piece has that value, but rather the price at which the user seeks to market it regardless of whether the monetary authority subsidizes the value of the piece according to it. face valueie $1 to be used normally.

We also recommend that they ask for 10,000 pesos for this $500 bill, is there one in your wallet?

If you have coins or bills that you think have a collector’s value, and you are interested in putting them up for sale, it is best to check with my money house Consult with an expert on the characteristics of your coins, as well as their market value so that you can set an appropriate price for your coins and soon there will be someone willing to purchase your items.

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Given that prices are set by users looking to sell their coins – in many common cases – it makes sense to conclude that ads that selling price A high amount will take longer to find who is willing to pay such an amount, especially when the piece in question is a common currency where you can get equal change for any payment, so it is likely that the exaggerated number is doing nothing but intimidating potential buyers, So it will be convenient for you to have a clearer idea of ​​its value when preparing your online publications.

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