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HONOR, the global technology brand, enters El Salvador to further establish its presence in Central America. It arrived as an independent company, after its separation from Huawei, dedicated to creating stylish and premium products such as smartphones, accessories, tablets, computers and other smart devices. Its proposal consists of it being an option to “democratize” key technologies, with industrial design and a renewed attitude towards consumers.

“With the vision of creating a smart world for everyone through technology and with a strategy focused on innovation, HONOR begins this new chapter with a promise to bring smart devices to Salvadoran users that inspire and make life easier in all walks of life. We are focused on building a path to technology leadership.” claimed David MohnRegional Director of Communications and Public Relations at HONOR.

“Go Beyond” It is your brand ethos, your motto and your call to action, that invites you to go beyond what is known, leave your comfort zone, take that first step and take a risky path in pursuit of improvement and excellence. This is HONOR’s commitment to developing technologies that empower people around the world by advancing research and development (R&D) capabilities and cutting-edge technologies, as well as creating a smart world for everyone with a range of innovative products.

Strategic vision for the benefit of consumers

Although HONOR strives to move forward by defining its own destiny, the brand never forgets where it comes from. In November 2020, HONOR resigned from Huawei and became one of the largest startups.

With this legacy, HONOR . resumes “1 + 8 + N” strategy To create an ecosystem of products that put the smartphone as the main pillar capable of interacting with other devices such as tablets, computers and wearables to benefit from the end user experience.

Its bet in the industry is centered on sheer innovation. HONOR has a presence in more than 100 countries, with more than 200 million active users in the world and a workforce of 12 thousand employees around the world, +55% of whom are in research and development. In addition, it has six research and development centers and more than 100 innovation laboratories around the world. “For HONOR, research and development is a key pillar within the company because the efforts of this entire team allow us to create innovative, other level and high-end products so that users can move forward and carry out their activities more easily,” Mohn added.

Further proof of HONOR’s global vision, and one of the clearest advantages of its recent independence, is the unrestricted ability to select the best combined solutions for its global supply chain, Confirm alliances with other industry leaders such as Google, which means that your devices will be equipped with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and will be able to download all the apps from the Google Play Store. Also, it has been confirmed with other global partners such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel, AMD, Microsoft and others. “Undoubtedly, having the best technologies around the world as allies is nothing more than having a stronger technical arm, to offer advanced products to consumers and build a path towards technological leadership,” Attenuated male.

Innovative proposals for El Salvador

With HONOR officially arriving in El Salvador, the launches will take place in the rest of the year, with new devices that will be available in the short and medium term, such as the HONOR X Series. The trust earned by HONOR from tens of millions of users around the world, added to those inspired by collaborators, suppliers and partners, put the brand a step further on its way to meet new consumers in El Salvador and the world at large.

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