Disney surpasses Netflix in subscribers and is already the most important streaming service

In the past three months, Disney+ has attracted an additional 14.4 million subscribers. With this said, the streaming service is now the home of Marvel and star Wars It has 166.5 million users worldwide. (AP/Jenny Kane)

What seemed inevitable finally happened: Disney, the company that owns Marvel and Star Wars, is already the king of broadcasting. The above by surpassing Netflix in the number of subscribers, the service that started the streaming revolution, but is gradually starting to lose customers.

We know this thanks to the fact that Disney submitted its most recent financial report. As you can imagine, the company talked there about Disney+ and the company’s success in the last fiscal quarter.

There Disney reported that in the past three months, Disney+ has attracted 14.4 million additional subscribers. With this said, the streaming service is now the home of Marvel and star Wars It has 166.5 million users worldwide.

That’s not all, as Hulu now has 46.8 million subscribers, while ESPN+ has 23.3 million. With this, Disney now has 221 million subscribers across the various streaming platforms, surpassing Netflix’s 220.7 million.

These are numbers that will surely make the CEOs of Disney very happy. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that everything will be good for subscribers because the price of Disney services will go up. You can learn more about it here.

To raise prices

Disney announced Wednesday that later this year, the most popular streaming platform, Disney+, will offer an ad-supported plan and an ad-free option at a higher price in the United States.

Starting December 8, watching Disney+ without ads in the country will cost $10.99, $3 more than now, while the current price of $7.99 will be for the ad-supported plan.

The company also announced that it will raise prices starting October 10 on its second platform, Hulu: the ad-supported option will rise $1 per month to $7.99, and the ad-free option will rise to $14.99. .

The statement did not specify whether these or other increases would be applied in the rest of the world.

Last month, the company already announced increases to its dedicated sports service, ESPN+.

Disney announced that it will also offer packages that include two or three of these services, an initiative taken by other competitors in its sector such as Warner Bros. Discovery, which next year will offer HBO Max and Discovery+ services together.

Despite the losses of the “streaming” platforms, the entertainment giant has increased its profits and income in the past three months and in the accumulated fiscal year, mainly due to the good performance of its theme parks.

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