There is no electricity service in two municipalities for customers | agencies

About 3,000 consumers were left without electricity this Tuesday in the municipalities of Arecibo and Rio Grande, it confirmed speaker LUMA Energy Press Spokesperson, Hugo Sorrentini.

“Due to technical problems in the power generation facilities, customers may have experienced short service outages due to the generation shortage,” Sorrentini explained in written comments to this newspaper.

The official pointed out that the company “is not responsible or control the cause of this collapse.”

They also noted that service has now been restored to all affected customers and they are closely monitoring a possible power outage tonight.

“To reduce the risks of generation-related outages today, we encourage everyone to conserve energy, especially during peak hours from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm,” Sorrentini said.

“The situation is already in the works,” the spokesperson told the newspaper, although he did not specify how long it would take to fix these service outages.

However, the source speaker And it confirmed earlier that about 112,000 subscribers are without the service, which contradicts the official information provided on this medium.

The company responsible for the transmission and distribution of energy in the country stated, through its social networks, that there are employees dealing with the situation in Rio Grande due to a “failure in the feeder”.

“LUMA (Energy) employees are working on outages due to feeder failure, affecting approximately 1,894 Rio Grande customers. We are working hard to restore service as quickly and safely as possible.”

In contrast, in the municipality of Arecibo, the outage affected approximately 1,742 subscribers.

LUMA employees are dealing with an outage in Arecibo, affecting approximately 1,742 customers in Arecibo sectors. We are working to restore service as quickly as possible. We will provide updates as soon as they become available,” explained the company’s tweet.

Earlier, this blackout event disrupted the city of Caguas, leaving some 4,355 customers without electricity due to a feeder outage.

Hours later, service was restored in the creole town.

At 4:00 pm, LUMA portal registered 3,955 customers without power across the island.

Activate their backup units

Meanwhile, the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) activated its standby units at noon today after the load lightening caused a loss in the country’s electricity generation.

The reason for this situation was the outage of CT Unit 1 at the EcoElectrica plant and Unit 2 of the Applied Energy Services (AES) coal plant.

So far, none of the operating PREPA units have been affected. We are initiating backups and PREPA backup units to make up for lost generation. At the moment, the reason for the departure of both units is being investigated,” the public institution stated through a post on the social networking site Twitter.

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