Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin Prices Today August 9, 2022

This Tuesday morning this is how Cryptocurrency How Bitcoinwhich is currently placed around $23,000 per unit in the crypto markets.

Cryptocurrencies have gone through a series of negative weeks of losing ground since the highs recorded at the end of the previous year, as investors anticipate a reversal that will improve their value in the markets.

Bitcoin price on August 9, 2022:

  • Bitcoin in US dollars: 23 thousand 240.40
  • Bitcoin in Mexican Peso: 469 thousand 800.04
  • Bitcoin in Colombian Peso: 99 million 986 thousand 913.63
  • Bitcoin in Argentine peso: 3 million 109 thousand 983.85
  • Bitcoin in Chilean Peso: 20 million 841 thousand 491.06
  • Bitcoin in Euro: 22 thousand 743.47

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Ethereum price on August 9 From 2022:

  • Ethereum in US Dollars: 714.53 thousand
  • Ethereum in Mexican Peso: 34 thousand 653.39
  • Ethereum in Colombian Peso: 7 million 362 thousand 020.37
  • Ethereum in Euro: 673.96 thousand

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Dogecoin price on August 9, 2022:

  • Dogecoin in USD: 0.070
  • Dogecoin Mexican Peso: 1.42
  • Dogecoin in Colombian Peso: 302.25
  • Dogecoin in EUR: 0.069

If investing in virtual currencies is among your plans, do not forget that digital assets offer high volatility in the markets, which implies that many people go through them in search of attractive returns, so you should remain vigilant of their development. in real time.

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