◉ Watch today’s Huila lottery final results

Colombia Lottery

The last Huila lottery will take place on Tuesday 9 August 2022. All the numbers that have fallen and the result can be viewed live and online for all of Colombia. Who won the grand prize in the last draw with number 4559?

◉ Check out today's Huila lottery final results |  Last Draw 4559 for Tuesday 9 August 2022
◉ Check out today’s Huila lottery final results | Last Draw 4559 for Tuesday 9 August 2022

Final in Huila! The grand prize went to the 055 4884 series. Dry Millionaires can be seen at the end of the note.

Huila Lottery | Today, Tuesday August 9, 2022, raffle number 4526 will be held. Results can be seen At the end of the note Once the lottery ends, it starts at 11:00 PM CST.

This is one of the most popular gambling games in Colombia. It has a game format similar to the rest of the Colombian lotteries, where you have to choose a specific set of numbers. The person who matches all the numbers wins the jackpot.

Withdrawals take place every Tuesday (excluding holidays). If this coincides with a holiday, the match will be played on the next working day.

The prize must be claimed as soon as the raffle is over and the full amount will never be delivered, as the winner must pay 20% tax.

Today’s results | Huila Lottery: Final Draw #4559 on Tuesday 9 August 2022

This drawing will take place from 11:00 PM and the results can be seen later in this note.

Grand Prize: 4884 Series 055

  1. 8055 Series 003
  2. 9360 Series 067
  3. 9321 Series 084
  4. 8722 Series 124
  5. 3922 Series 057
  6. 6976 Series 036
  7. 0115 Series 077
  8. 3204 Series 028
  9. 3369 Series 080
  10. 8661 Series 041

Fixed win without chain: 1803

Huila de Colombia lottery: what days, what time and when the lottery is made

The two draws are held every Tuesday (excluding public holidays) from 23:00.

How much money can I win in the Colombian Huila lottery?

The largest Huila de Colombia lottery prize is $1,200,000. However, there are also many simple dry species with greater potential for prizes.

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