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A group of young Puerto Ricans gathered for dinner one night, and at that meeting the three friends made the decision to start a business related to the world of coffee.

The result of this talk was the beginning of a business journey that led to the creation of the premium brand Café Perpetuum (which means forever in Latin), which was sold through the online platform of the same name and is now distributed in various stores in Puerto Rico.

“One day we went out to eat and the idea of ​​creating a company with a coffee brand was born, which later we want to be appreciated all over the world. We started looking for 100% Puerto Rican coffee roasters and chose Hacienda San Pedro, who is responsible for our packaging,” he explained Hector Rivera, one of the owners of Café Perpetuum.

Rivera, a 20-year-old businessman, joined forces with his friends Christian Gonzalez, 23, and Alexandra Rivera, 20, to promote and distribute the product grown on Gayoya farms, land and grain.

We’ve started selling it on the website here and in the US. They asked us for a lot of coffee because they tell us that what is there is not of good quality, and in addition, there are many Puerto Ricans who want the product from Puerto Rico,” commented Rivera.

The coffee, which is sold in eight-ounce bags, in two- and five-pound packages, will soon be distributed to reach new markets, such as cafe-like businesses across the island, restaurants and hotels.

“Apart from the ‘online’ store, we already do distribution in the metropolitan area and in cities like Arecibo and Hatillo, as well as at gas stations and bakeries. Now we are waiting for distribution permits in a supermarket chain,” Gonzalez said.

Café Perpetuum is a gourmet bean that involves a more rigorous and meticulous process than regular coffee, which begins by selecting the beans 100% by hand, to ensure product quality.

In this way a balanced flavor is achieved between the acidity and sweetness of the coffee. On the island there is a huge growth in the coffee sector, it is a big industry, which can be seen in the activities where more people are seen every day. “People want to keep trying new brands, there is a big market in Puerto Rico and the United States,” Rivera commented.

The next step for the partners is that after they start distributing gourmet coffee in different stores and being recognized in the country, they can set up their own premises to sell and serve customers.

“In the long run, we want to have a coffee shop, although we still don’t know where to put it, we are analyzing it. We will look for it to be a crowded city with a different concept than what is there,” Gonzalez said.

Once they are able to comply with Puerto Rico’s growth and development plan, the group of partners is ready to evaluate the export of their products to the Anglo-Saxon market and to states where there are more Puerto Ricans and Spaniards consuming coffee.

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