El Cherito, the last car assembled in El Salvador that became a project

This Saturday, August 6, was the third time that El Cherito appeared at a public event, this time at the so-called Car Show Lovers held as part of the August festivities in San Salvador. He did this and turned into a mobile cafe, where the bed of those pickup trucks assembled in El Salvador in the 1970s was now the place where coffee and tea based on coffee husks and other similar drinks are brewed.

After investing several thousand dollars, Jorge Cruz has turned it into a project that goes beyond being a rolling café. Also according to the coffee producer, the goal of acquiring the last of those 800 copies that were made in El Salvador between 1973 and 1975 on Salvadorian soil, is to prove that in our country there is a capacity, both to build a car and to produce high-quality, high-quality coffee.

Photo: LPG / Jorge Carbajal

“The El Salvador coffee is one of the best coffee in the world, and several countries in the world know it. I am a coffee producer and know and work with coffee producers from all over El Salvador. Here at El Cherito I offer these brands so that people taste good coffee and at the same time I appreciate El Cherito, which is the last car of its kind made by Salvadoran hands,” he commented.

This Saturday, El Cherito received permission from the San Salvador mayor’s office to be present at a massive auto show held on Roosevelt Avenue. Before, he had done so at the Bitcoin event and at another Salvadoran Coffee Council event. It was undoubtedly the oldest car among the attendees, and it was recognized by many in attendance, both from the audience who came to attend the event and the participants.

Photo: LPG / Jorge Carbajal

“This is cherito,” some said, both young men and women of legal age. Some saw him on social networks, but others said they saw her roaming the streets of El Salvador years ago. “Where the San Marcos (San Salvador) market was, they assembled them, and they also assembled the buses,” said Carlos Roberto Diaz, one of the visitors to the event.

The blue-hued car, which keeps the front, doors, windows, chassis, dashboard details, cab and suspension system intact, was somehow one of the attractions, despite being a vehicle as modern as the other cars they participated in, Honda among them. , Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, some are classic and others with many modifications and investment of thousands of dollars. According to Jorge Cruz, there is a group of investors who want to produce more Cheritos, but with new technology and, if possible, with electric motors.

The Cherito brand was assembled in El Salvador by the Superior Factory of Central America, which also set up similar projects in Guatemala, where it was called “Chato”; In Honduras, known as “Compadre”; In Nicaragua, “Pinolero” and in Costa Rica, “Amigo”. The 1970s project aimed to provide farmers and producers of coffee, bananas, staple grains and other agricultural foods, and cheap transportation to be able to work in the fields, because although it had a rural structure, it had General Motors. It has 59 horsepower and a payload capacity of 590 kg.

Photo: LPG / Jorge Carbajal

Francisco Medina, another visitor to the auto show, said, “There weren’t many of them, but I’ve seen them roam the streets of El Salvador. It’s worth seeing a copy here, it’s now a good collector’s car.” El Cherito owns a Datsun 1300 engine and was searched in many boneyards in the country, until they found the specimen that survived over time.

Jorge Cruz will continue to search for other samples in El Salvador to expand the fleet. It is currently equipped with solar panels to produce its own energy, which will be put into a generator located at customs.

Photo: LPG / Jorge Carbajal

This time they had difficulty operating the equipment they put in the mobile café, toasters and other electrical equipment, because the mayor’s office did not want to install a power supply line only for El Cherito mobile. The entrepreneur and owner of the legendary automobile unit concluded.

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