Best Thermomix Banana Smoothie For Quick Preparation

Thermomix It is considered one of the most valuable robots in the kitchen because it facilitates the grinding of soft or hard food. With this device, you can prepare Banana Juice Thermomix At home within a few minutes and without much effort. You will enjoy a delicious and nutritious juice that ensures optimal digestion thanks to its high content of Soluble fiber. Banana is also a rich fruit Vitamin C s Vitamin A , Which helps fight different types of cancer such as breast and prostate cancer.

Nowadays, you can prepare any drink like Thermomix Strawberry Milkshake Through this advanced machine, which has become a great ally, especially for those people who have little time to do the preparation of any recipe. Use bananas to make this nutritious and succulent smoothie with the best possible help.

Steps to make Banana Thermomix juice

Before preparing the juice, you should know that Thermomix has up to 12 important jobs that you can activate to achieve readiness. Juice is one of the most widely used types of juice and you should choose this option carefully so that your next Thermomix banana smoothie is ready.


  • 3 bananas.
  • 1 banana yoghurt or natural yoghurt.
  • 3 cups of milk.
  • 4 mint leaves.
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  • ice Cube.

Preparation mode

  1. Start preparing a file Banana Juice Themomix healthy, fruit peeling If desired, slice the three bananas into small wheels.
  2. Add all ingredients to Thermomix: Banana, yogurt, ice and sugar. Activate the device for 30 minutes preferably in Speed ​​number 5.
  3. After the first 30 minutes, pour the milk through the robot’s mouth. Let it continue beating for another 30 minutes and at the same speed as the previous step.
  4. Add your juice to a glass and drink it right away.

These are the benefits of incorporating bananas into your diet

Smoothies are great for consuming a specific fruit, especially when they are past their ripening time. And bananas are no exception. If you have very ripe bananas at home, you can make use of them through juice. You can also take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Mood improves: Banana is one of the fruits that can provide large doses of it potassium s l-tryptophan, Which in turn is able to produce a hormone called Serotonin. It is closely related to mood.
  • Ensures better athletic performance: This fruit is necessary for the athlete’s recovery after strenuous physical activity. You can drink a rich drink after your workout and you will notice results in no time.
  • It has wonderful antioxidant properties: It is a rich fruit Antioxidants, So it will greatly help to avoid the effects of free radicals.
  • protect the heart: Thanks to its high content of potassium, Bananas in smoothies are able to regulate blood pressure. while the the basic Keeps cholesterol levels under tight control. Each of these nutrients has a positive effect on heart health.

Take advantage of all the benefits of banana juice Thermomix thanks to this robot that will allow you to get delicious juices in the shortest possible time. You can get it in any specialized store or through the network, in various virtual stores.

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