How much does an iPhone 13 cost? Prices for Pro and Max models in Mexico


Since last April, Iphone 13Pro That caused a sensation for technology lovers to various Features which we will detail, as well price so you can buy it.

iPhone 13 Pro price in Mexico 2022

The price depends on the features you want and The cheapest is $25,999 Mexican pesos and the most expensive is $38,999 in the Apple Store. There you can choose the color of the 6.1-inch iPhone, either Alpine green, silver, gold, graphite, or Sierra.

iPhone 13 models and prices

It should be noted that the price will depend on storage what do you need:

  • 128 GB 2: $25,999
  • 256 GB 2. 28,999 dollars
  • 512 GB $2.33,999
  • 1 TB $2.38,999

In addition, you can add a file $5899 AppleCare+ coverageConsisting of:

  • Coverage for two years from the date of AppleCare+ purchase
  • Covers up to 2 incidents of accidental damage every 12 months

How much does an iPhone cost 13 ProMax?

Unlike the Pro, its screen is larger when scaled 6.7 inches and its cost from 28999 pesos And you can choose it with the same shades. The amount varies depending on the space you need.

  • 128GB 2: $28,999
  • 256 GB 2. $ 31,999
  • 512 GB 2. 36,999 dollars
  • 1 TB $2.41,999

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