A piece of SpaceX had fallen on a farm in Australia

There is a disturbing and anomaly being experienced on a farm in New South Wales in Australia, where a piece of SpaceX.

The Australian Space Agency is analyzing this space debris, or this possible debris that fell from outside the stratosphere.

Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist at the Australian National University, received a call last Thursday from Mick Miners and Jock Wallace, two sheep farmers in the town of Dalgty, reporting that a charred object had been found.

According to Tucker, who has traveled to the area to keep an eye on everything:

“My first impression was that it looked like a burning tree… Then I got close to it, it’s almost like this strange obelisk. I knew without a doubt that this was a very real accident and a very real piece that stands out from the ground because it is made of composite materials designed to withstand heat, including That fire-retardant woven carbon for insulation. In addition, it showed visible signs of burning due to its re-entry.”

The Australian Space Agency (ASA) is currently assessing the wreck

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