He will face trial for gender-based violence of a man who drove his car with the body of a pedestrian who ran over it

Judge Jose Marrero, of Fajardo Court, scheduled for August 23 begins the trial in his box for violating Law 54 Prevention of and Intervention in Domestic Violence against Chef Julio Jimenez Rosario, 27, after making a reading of the indictment.

The defendant gained notoriety amid a tragedy that occurred in the early hours of June 13 on the PR-3 highway in Rio Grande, where Pedestrian run over Pedro Vázquez Rubert, 60, In his blue Kia Rio car from 2021, while he was allegedly speeding and under the influence of intoxicating drinks.

According to the Office of the Highway Patrol, the unfortunate man’s legs were left on the road and he drove to his residence in the Kuwait district of the Vietnam sector, in the Rio Grande, with his torso stuck in the windshield, for which he is facing a criminal offense. shipment.

A case of violence against women was reported in Luquillo on February 2When accused of pressuring his partner in the presence of three minors. The complainant claimed that when she was asked to leave the house, she threatened to kill.

By that date, Jimenez Rosario had been released after paying a $6,000 bond, and among the conditions imposed by the court, he was banned from consuming alcoholic beverages.

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