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Tatiana Huzo nominated for Mexican Ariel Award for ‘Night of Fire’

Mexico City, Aug. 2 (EFE). Director Tatiana Uezo’s film “Night of Fire” is the most nominated film, with 19 films, for the Best Mexican Cinema Awards, the 64th Ariel Prize, followed by Ernesto Contreras’ Impossible Things and Alonso Ruizpalacios’ Police film with 10 nominations each. “We want to get to know all the types of cinema that make up us as an industry, we want to talk about the inclusivity, pluralism and diversity of this country in terms of colors and nuances,” said the director of the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts. and Science (AMACC.), Leticia Huijara, at the Nominees Presentation at the Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City. At the ceremony presided over by Regina Blandon, 2004 Ariel Award nominee for “El Mystery of Trinidad” and 2020 winner for “Mano de Trabajo” Luis Alberti, this year’s selection was revealed to make up 25 categories of the award given by 140 movies recorded. Among them, the film Huezo, which competes in various categories such as: film, actress, male co-acting, directing, art design, editing, special effects, visual effects, retouched script, makeup, original music, sound, costumes, two nominations for Revelation, stands out. And three nominations for participation in acting. Likewise, Contreras competes in the shortlists for film, sound, photography, original music, directing, art design, actor, actress, and two male co-stars. While “A Police Movie” also struggles to be recognized in the categories of Film, Audio, Make-up, Feature Documentary, Original Screenplay, Photography, Editing, Directing, Actress and Actor. Added to the films competing for the title of best film are “Nudo mixteco” by Ángeles Cruz with eight nominations, and “El otro Tom” by Laura Santullo and Rodrigo Plá with five. “Actually, for us, the award is nomination, then decided and given a figurine, but to be among the top five made film of the year in such a strong industry and artistic pluralism,” for this year, the face-to-face ceremony is expected to return two years after Due to the covid-19 epidemic, the event intends to return to the Palais des Beaux-Arts on October 12, as the director explained. After 2019 he was in the national cinema. The 2021 Academy Award nominees for “Sound of metal” include Michel Kotolink and Jaime Bakcht, for their work as sound engineers on Joaquín del Paso’s The Hole in the Fence and in A Police Movie. Likewise, the other most-nominated films are “The Black Minutes” by Mario Muñoz Espinosa, with eight nominations; “The Devil Between the Legs” by Arturo Repsten, which also received eight award nominations three times as a director and actor, and “The Hole”. in the Fence” with six nominations. As for the actors and actresses who represent the best of Mexican cinema this year, they are Penny Emmanuel, Els Salas, Monica del Carmen, Ana Cristina Ordonez, Silvia Pasquale, Leonardo Ortizgres, Noe Hernandez, Alejandro Suarez and Raul Briones. and Nora Velasquez, and they compete in the trio of actress and actor respectively.In terms of inclusion and diversity, AMACC representatives announced that this year 20 feature film directors, 36 short film directors, five directors from Ibero-America, 46 producers and 17 photographers participated.(c) Agency EFE

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