What will happen to bitcoin when it reaches 21 million coins?

Since Bitcoin was designed, its creator has proven that only 21 million coins will be mined. So far there are already 19.1 million traders.

Bitcoin is, without a doubt, the cryptocurrency that has the largest number of users and enthusiasts around the world, this despite the recent negative streak it has seen in recent months, which has led to a drop in its price and with it also its profitability.

Bitcoin mining is that procedure that consists mainly of creating units of that crypto, something that is achieved through complex computer processes and with the high demands on the computers that perform these operations.

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When the cryptocurrency innovator, known as Satoshi Nakamoto, published his Bitcoin “white paper”, he learned that the project had proven that “only” 21 million units of that digital currency would be created, a sum of more than a decade later, approaching every day, as There are already 19.1 million traders.

But what will happen to this digital asset when this particular number is reached, an article published by Cointelegraph, a broker who spoke with Mohamed El-Masry, a businessman in the mining sector, explains what this scenario could be.

A bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining farm is a large data center, with servers that require high levels of electrical power. Photo: AFP

Primarily, Masri points out that the responsibility will fall to “real” bitcoin miners, i.e. those who focus more on solving blockchain rather than creating new units.

The above because miners are responsible for processing each of the transactions entering the Bitcoin Blockchain, something for which they earn commissions.

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It is precisely these commissions that make the business profitable, however, experts in the field have previously noted that once the last Bitcoin is mined, the cryptocurrency’s attractiveness to miners can decline.

With it, Bitcoin could drop to zero, but it’s a scenario that most enthusiasts don’t want to believe, despite the fact that the downtrend has been very noticeable in recent months.

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