How to edit metadata for multiple photos at once in iOS 16

In this guide, we will teach you simple steps to modify your photos’ metadata in batch in iOS 16.

Pictures part Important day after day Lots Apple userssince in them they catch These are the good ones moments what do you want ? keep And watch it anytime, or To participate With your family and friends.

Apple has He did a great job In the evolution and evolution From image processing, since their mobile devices have powerful cameras who managed to capture In great detail your favorite moments.

However, in Older versions of iOSwhen you try Edit metadata From your photos, you had to picture after pictureWhich Slower Little operation.

This is why there are files new update From The operating systemAnd the iOS 16Add among all your newslettera more ease at the time of Edit metadata from different pictures at a timeor in batches, to simplify the process.

What information can you edit when batch editing photos in iOS 16?

You can edit the date, time and location on multiple photos at once, from your gallery in iOS 16

You can change the date, time and location on multiple photos at once from your gallery in iOS 16 You can change the date, time and location on multiple photos at once from your gallery in iOS 16

In this system update, iOS 16, you can Edit image information in batcheswhat or what You can’t do in previous versionsYou had to do it one by one.

Currently, with this new update, you can Edit the date, time and place From Multiple photos at oncewhat can you be very useful If it’s a family album or some photos of a vacation trip for example. Best of all, you don’t need to install anything extra, but you can do it from the Photos app.

That is why we decided to prepare this guide for Teach you to edit Metadata for your photos in a few simple steps.

How to Edit Date and Time on Photos in iOS 16

for Modify The date and time in your photos with iOS 16 you must follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is go to an app Pictures and search for album waves Pictures to which you will edit metadata. then play Choose.
  • as soon as you own determinant photos to be edited, fixed it One of them to see existing that will be displayed.
  • Now you must choose Set the date and timehere you are It will display the original date From the selected image for editing. It will teach you too Final edit What have you done
  • You must remember that this The modification will be applied for all Selected photosor fail to do so, to The album you chose.
  • Next is Search in general and choose one You want to apply for your photos.
  • Then, you must Touch the arrows what are you He appears in the upper right to select Month.
  • After this, you must Scroll and select The hour What will you put in your photos?
  • Should Journalism in option time unit.
  • now in search bar What was unfolded at the topyou must enter time unit What do you want to add.
  • Then, you must Press and select The result subordinate time unit who – which I added it in the search bar.
  • Finally, you must Check yes the the changes What you will do is correct. If so, you should Select option in the top right modify.

This way you will do It has been successfully modified The date and time on selected photos or the entire album.

How to Edit Location in Photos in iOS 16

If you want to edit a file Site From your photos, just follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is Determine The photo or album you want to edit.
  • Should fixed it picture until a existingwhere you will touch the option “Setting the location“.
  • Then you should use a file search bar that appears in the top screen of Find the site what do you want ? Add.
  • So you are looking for The site you want to add.
  • Now you must Touch and select the site that I added it in the search bar.
  • distance Confirm and select the locationhe is Adjust I know will add automatically a All selected photos.

This way you will have succeeded in completely changing the location of your photos and albums.

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