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According to Robert Miller, a law professor with extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and related law in Delaware Chancery Court, where Twitter sued Elon Musk to force the closing of the $44 billion acquisition, the billionth risks going to prison if you break the agreement.

At the trial, which will begin on October 17, Twitter said South Africa was “committed to closing the merger at the agreed price and terms”.

According to Miller, Musk could be required to perform a “specific performance” at trial, should he violate the agreement.

The lawyer noted that the court’s powers range from formally holding Musk “in contempt” to controlling his shares in the electric car company Tesla where most of his fortune is located.

He also noted that the court may end up ordering Musk to acquire Twitter for $44 billion or another approved amount, and he may also be required to pay an additional fine to the social network.

He also noted that Musk’s shares in Tesla could be held by the court to guarantee payment.

Last year, TransPerfect, a translation company that sued over an acquisition, was fined $30,000 a day until it complied with a court order.

Miller noted that in Musk’s case, a fine of up to tens of millions of dollars per day could be expected..

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