Mega Millions: Which US states allow lottery winners to remain anonymous?

In California, lottery winners cannot remain anonymous.

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Winning the lottery jackpot in games like Mega Millions brings not only satisfaction, but also risks. The fact that overnight a person can earn $1.1 billion, like the ones that are withdrawn tonight, Makes you a potential victim of thieves and scammers.

This is why some US states allow lottery winners to remain anonymous or anonymize. However, the rules for anonymity vary depending on the delineation.

“some Countries require their lottery offices to publicly identify winnersWhile others do not,” the lottery points out. “Check with the lottery in your jurisdiction,” they added.

In some cases, the winners may remain unknown For a certain period of time or depending on the amount of money obtained. For example, in Arizona, the names of people who win $600 or more are kept secret for 90 days from the date the lucky winner wins.

For those who earn $100,000 or more, they can choose to permanently hide their name.

Last May, the Florida legislature passed a law The $250,000 winners are allowed to remain anonymous for 90 days. after that period, Information such as name, city of residence and lottery winning date Quantity will be available upon request from third parties

for countries like New JerseyLast year, legislation was passed giving winners the option to permanently anonymize. The law also prohibits making the information of the lucky ones available for public inspection in government places.

In states such as Texas, Mississippi, Kansas, Delaware, Ohio, South Carolina, Maryland, and North Dakota, winners may choose to remain anonymous.

Similarly, the Missouri lottery officials are not authorized to release names of the winners unless they agree to it.

The same procedure applies in Montana.

for New York, California, and New HampshireWinners must announce their identity.

In the latter state, a lawsuit was reported in March 2018 where The winner of nearly $560 million requested that her personal information not be disclosed. His case prevailed in court.

Mega Millions is played in 45 states, Washington, DC and Virgin Islands. Draws are held every Tuesday and Friday at 11pm, so tonight millions of people will be waiting for the results.

the odds The jackpot in this lottery game is 1 in 303 million.

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