Did they charge you for asking for an invoice? It’s a crime, you can report it

Have you ever ordered a invoice in an organization and they charge you extra for it? It is important to know that a file Service providers cannot charge you for billing And you can even report it.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 29 of the Federal Tax Code, all taxpayers are required to do so Issuing the electronic invoice without requiring itAfter learning that some institutions charge a fee for their issuance.

Did they charge you for asking for an invoice? It’s a crime, you can report it. Photo: Freepik

You do not have to bear the cost of issuing an invoice

For its part, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) has indicated that some establishments do this bad practice of increasing the price by 16% for VAT when issuing a reportable invoice.

The SAT indicates that the price should not go up if you ask for an invoice. VAT must always be included in the price. If you are charged in your case, you can file a complaint with the SAT and also the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco).

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Other bad practices by some organizations that you can report include:

  • They ask you for a lot of data when you ask for the bill, according to the SAT they just have to ask for an RFC.
  • It is also not an obligation to send you your email, you can check the SAT portal at the time of release.
  • They can’t force you to create the invoice on the web page. They must issue your invoice at the place of the transaction at the time of purchase.
  • They cannot refuse the invoice if you do not request it at the time of purchase as they can issue it at any time of the year.
  • On your invoice, they cannot record a payment method other than the one received. They cannot issue it without you having made your payment or not specifying how you will do so.
  • You are not required to explain why you need the bill.
  • It is necessary to issue an invoice for a product or service. Whatever the payment method.
  • If you make an advance, it is necessary that they issue you an invoice for it and another invoice for each subsequent payment.

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Finally, you should always keep in mind that all institutions are obligated to issue invoices, in case one of them refuses to deliver it to you, you can report the situation on the SAT page.

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