With a long history of murders, the leader of the gang who was dismantled by the FBI | federation

Fajardo- Molina Quiñones, better known as Maicol and La M, head of the drug organization that was dismantled at dawn today, in an operation carried out by federal authorities in the apartment complex of Pedro Rosario Nieves, has a long criminal record since July 15, 2013, when his stepfather Miguel Asensio Ayala, who was killed His mother is Janet Quinones Torres and his brother Gabriel.

The execution of Asencio Ayala, which took place in front of Building 7 in the village, earned him the “sympathy” of the neighbors, who understood that “justice was served”.

At the age of 20, Molina Quinones lost her mother, brother, and sister in a crash while on her way to Rosario Neves farm after learning of the female murder of her mother.

He was then blamed for the execution of Omar Santiago Garcia and Gera Rodriguez Milan, in the Rio Grande, which allowed them to stand trial without witnesses to the murder of their stepfather. Although he came out the wide door, it was a costly victory and in July 2017, federal judge Gustavo Gilbe sentenced him to 10 years in prison for drugs and a weapon seized during his arrest.

He left the federal prison and returned to the village, and has controlled drug distribution since 2020. His range has reached the Puerto Real residential area, and at some points in Luisa, the city where he belongs.

At a press conference this morning, Agent Joseph Gonzalez, in charge of FBI operations in Puerto Rico, said the Molina Quiñones organization is suspected of about two dozen violent deaths and the distribution of heroin and fentanyl. , crack and marijuana in Fajardo and other municipalities in the east of the country.

There are three individuals left for arrest, Gonzalez said, and urged them to turn themselves in. One of them, Xavier Edgardo González Rivera, is second in the organizational structure of the drug organization. The other fugitives have been identified as Edwin Lemuel (Lily) Gonzalez Rivera and Jose (Chio) Enriquez Ciares.

A unit of about 200 FBI agents, trained in arrests, traveled from the United States to make the arrests of 30 of the 33 people indicted by a grand jury last Wednesday. Arrests took place in San Juan, Naguabo, Ciba, Carolina and Barceloneta.

Police Commissioner Antonio Lopez Figueroa confirmed that the uniforms, in addition to providing surveillance, will once again set up services at the Rosario Neves apartment complex to take care of neighbors.

López Figueroa was one of the officers in charge of the Fajardo region, when Molina Quinones unleashed his bloody revenge, helping him become the strongman for drug smuggling in the northeastern region of the country.

The accused include Luis Joel (Popeye) Neves Ciares, Aramos (Blanco Bella) Suarez Garcia, Manuel (Junji) Cruz Chico, Christian (Benchigay) Cardona Hernandez, Raul (Bebo Grande) Quinones Poriya, Frank Luis (Real J) Quinones Poriya, Alex (Boca) Carracciello Rosado, Belmarie Neves Ciares, Jose (Popola) Papon Augusto, Jose Esteban (Kiki) Rivera Tolentino, Hector Omar (Umi) Hernandez Tolentino, Cazel (Superman) Rodriguez Cabral, and Anjofer (Juyo) Escobar Aponte.

Likewise, Carlos Alexis (wig) Serrano Vega, Eliezer (Pocoyo) de La Paz Cruz, Juan Gabriel (Norio) Cruz Torres, and Manuel O. (Bota) Robles Osorio, Juan Ramon (Golo) Cortigo Mendes, Alexandre Rodriguez Luna, Ivan Javier (Gordo) Jenis Negron, Julio El Torres Vazquez, Marcelino Salcedo Ayuso, Raymond Cruz Medina, Hector (Rastrillo) Laureano Cruz, Alejandro (Timpo) Rivera Molina, Carlos (Pimbin) Silva Melendez, Anthony (Trucco) Centino Felix (La Dora) Mendes Carrasco and Yarlin Torres Rodriguez.

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