The price of the Peruvian dollar today according to BCR, Tuesday, July 26

Today, Tuesday, July 26, the Peruvian dollar closed the day with a new high.

After that, meet exchange rate On the interbank market and the selling price at money changers and financial entities.

How much is the dollar today in Peru?

The exchange rate in Peru rose this afternoon from S 3,913 / 3.92 to S / 3.92 at the interbank level, according to the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

in this out, dollar price It rose by 0.17% in the Peruvian market.

Despite this rally, BCR indicates that the dollar rate is still 1.78% lower than what was recorded at the end of 2021.

The dollar is rising globally

This morning index dollar It rose 0.714% globally, according to a Reuters report.

Reuters notes that the dollar remained strong on this day amid operators’ expectations of the next US interest rate update scheduled for Wednesday.

Investors maintained concerns about the impact of this monetary policy adjustment on United States Federal Reserve (Fed)Which is expected to raise the interest rate by 75 basis points.

After these expectations, the dollar reversed its course after three sessions of consecutive declines, amid fears of a… Recession.

It is worth noting that this result comes after the International Monetary Fund updated its forecasts for the growth of the global economy.

The International Monetary Fund warns that global GDP growth is at risk due to factors such as its high inflation and the war in Ukraine, both of which could push the global economy into recession if left unchecked.

The price of the dollar for buying and selling

According to the platform, what is the price of, and money changers They buy dollars at S/3.90 and sell them at S/3.93 on average.

Whereas in digital exchange offices, the green ticket is bought at approximately S/3.90 and sold at approximately S/3.94.

Moreover, in Banks It is estimated that the dollar buy price ranges between S/3.82 and S/3.90 and for sale it ranges between S/3.93 and S/4.

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