Santa Lucia, the first city in Honduras to use Bitcoin

Cesar Andinoowner of small tourism companies in Lucia StreetFrancisco Morazan, in addition to accepting dollars and lempira, will sell food, drinks, and coffee to people who want to pay with satoshis (fractions) of Bitcoin (BTC).

Between this week and the week after, Andino, who owns with his family Robles Squarewhere many businesses operate, expect to get POS (Sale Stations) that will allow you for the first time to sell your products in the first decentralized cryptocurrency.

“In Santa Lucia, we will all participate in this project. Let’s go with everything. Accepting bitcoin will allow us to open up another market and gain more customers. We have to globalize,” Andino said during an interview with press newspaper.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Blockchain Honduras, in alliance with Coincaex in Costa Rica, the University of Technology of Honduras (UTH) and Decentral Acedemy, will launch its Bitcoin Valley project, Santa Lucia, the first BTC city in Honduras.

After Zonti Beach (Bitcoin Beach), savior; Lake Atitlan (Bitcoin Lake), Guatemala; Puntarenas (jungle bitcoin), Costa Rica; Saint Lucia with the project bitcoinvalleyis the fourth tourist destination in the Central American region that seeks to establish a circular economy by taking advantage of it Cryptocurrency.

Accepting bitcoin will allow us to open another market and gain more customers. Let’s go with everything

Cesar Andino, owner of many companies

Carlos Leonardo Paguada VelasquezFounder Blockchain Hondurasand representative Central American Association of Cryptocurrency Users (Accocrip), aware press newspaper That “about 60 companies will start this project”, the owners of which received training provided by decentralized academy About use Bitcoin and technology that facilitates transactions.

Apart from that, we have an alliance with the Pedagogical University. Every Thursday, at 8 pm, we teach coding tutorial for students. In it we have introduced entrepreneurs in Santa Lucia so that they can educate themselves on this topic. We have an educational process that will be finished in a month and a half. People already have electronic wallets“, He said.

quincaxAccording to Paguada Velásquez, it will provide technological equipment to dealers so that they can make the kits. This company in Central America provides a service POS And promises to prevent losses to the business owner from price fluctuations. BTC in the market digital currencies.

In October 2021 unit BTC It cost more than $61,000 and this week was priced between $20,000 and $22,000. Regardless of this volatility, quincax Assures the seller of a product or service that if he sells a commodity in it Bitcoin The equivalent of $10 you will receive $10 minus the payment processing fee.

“exchange money quincax Take all these risks. If a family goes to Santa Lucia and buys pupusas for L2,000, the family member who has Bitcoin In your e-wallet, you will make a payment and an amount Bitcoin The equivalent in lempira. quincax you will receive Bitcoin Payment in lempiras will be transferred to the restaurant. Business owners will not receive bitcoin, they will receive lempira quincax“, It is to explain.

These companies aim to serve foreign tourists who use cryptocurrency, and Hondurans who work remotely for international companies and receive payments in Bitcoinpeople who receive donations in BTC And those who receive profits on various electronic investment platforms and cannot convert them into physical funds for official trading.

consumer when paying Bitcoin You will have to take into account the price BTC in the market digital currencies. The higher the price, the more purchasing power you have POSThey will do it through the app bitpos From quincax connected to the platform Coin market.

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