3 Myths You Should Stop Thinking You Have More Chances To Win Mega Millions

Many ways have been suggested to increase your chances of winning Mega Millions, but they are not necessarily true.

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There is not much to scratch about In order to win the Mega Millions lottery, Since the real probability of “hitting the fat guy” as posted on their website is that you arrive at the exact combination of 5 numbers, which can range from 1 to 70, plus the number from 1 to 25 you choose below is 1 in 302.5 million.

When you look at these numbers coldly, you might think that it is quite an achievement to be able to win the Mega Millions prize. Many regular players of this lottery strongly believe that, in fact, There are some strategies that will increase your chances of winning a prize.

You may have heard of it and may have already applied it; However, it is important that you know that Not necessarily 100% effective, Because there is only one truth: every ticket or group has the same remote chance of being the lucky winner.

Here are 3 myths or practices that people often think increase their chances of winning the Mega Millions prize that aren’t entirely true.

3 Myths About How Mega Millions Made

1) It is preferable to choose the numbers personally and not leave them to the device

Mathematics experts point out that the odds of winning the Mega Millions by picking one of the numbers are exactly the same.

What is true is that There is a tendency to choose numbers associated with important dates in their lives, Something the lottery system does not take into account when awarding a prize. Usually, people choose numbers less than 31, which The more likely you will have to share the prize if you win.

But when it comes to chance, it doesn’t matter if you or the machine choose the numbers; The system also does not care whether you bought the ticket in a large city or a remote place, if you spent your money in one store or if you used all the gas stations in your city to buy tickets.

2) If you play every day, you are more likely to win Mega Millions

Logically, it is true that the odds of winning a prize will increase if you buy a ticket rather than one. But what must be taken into account is that In terms of winning chances, buying tickets regularly doesn’t weigh as much as increasing the odds of playing more combinations of the same draw.

Basically, the more combinations you have in your hand, the more likely you are to hit it. But of course this is not the case, if you buy two tickets, you cut your chances of winning the jackpot in half, simply two tickets give you twice the micro chances of winning. It will remain in the infinitesimal range.

This will make people spend more money, which is not ideal. So it is recommended to collect money in a group, it is usually a smart and fun way to get more groups to participate by investing less money.

3) Study the winning numbers and play the ones that appeared the most in order to be closer to winning

Many players dedicate their efforts to creating systems in order to increase the chances of winning a prize. The problem is that many of these schemes are based on misconceptions about how the lottery game works.

In mathematics, There are two types of random events: dependent and independent. In the lottery, each individual drawing is considered independent. This means that the previous 100 draws will not affect the next draw. Also, the lottery does not work on single numbers. You have to choose 5 or 6 correct combinations to win the jackpot. Therefore, a player who wants to challenge his chances should look at the group style rather than the performance of single numbers. The odd number and the combination are two different concepts in lotteries.

Also, mathematicians who are experts in probability theory often talk about the so-called law of large numbers, which says: “We should not be surprised by chance. In fact, we should expect coincidences.” This law states that given enough chances, we should expect a certain event to happen, no matter how likely it is to happen each time.

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