The photo in which Elon Musk denied a quarrel with the co-founder of Google and an affair with his ex-wife

(New York Post)

Elon Musk has again denied having a fight with Google co-founder, Sergey BrinAnd the After having an affair with his ex-wife Nicole ShabanAnd that this relationship has precipitated the divorce between them.

After posting a message on Twitter, the South African businessman sent the American newspaper New York Post a Picture of himself having a relaxing moment with his old friend.

This photo was taken just two hours ago.Musk said in an email to the post About a photo of him laughing rubbing his elbows with his fellow billionaire at what looked like a party.

“Nicole and Sergey’s divorce has absolutely nothing to do with me”Musk insisted on the American tabloid.

“I’m sure Nicole and Sergey will confirm it. I spoke to Sergey and Nicole about this and they said the story didn’t come from them, so it must have been a broken phone case, two or three layers removed.”

Sergey Brin and Nicole Shanahan (Reuters/Kate Munch)
Sergey Brin and Nicole Shanahan (Reuters/Kate Munch)

And not to avoid the question, I’ve only seen Nicole twice in three years, both times with a lot of other people around me. “We weren’t emotionally involved in any way,” he said.

pores before, Via Twitter in response to a question On the same social network and who commented on the information you posted The Wall Street Journal Let’s say issueMusk said: “Sergey and I are friends and we were together at a party last night” He repeated that he saw his friend’s wife Twice in three years.

In response to an account that expressed support and relief at the denial, Musk replied sarcastically: “I haven’t had sex in years (sigh).”

according to him The Wall Street Journalquoted by people familiar with the matter, The love affair between Musk and Shbahan ended the Tesla leader’s long friendship with the Google co-founder.

The newspaper remembers that muskis considered the richest person on earth, and Brin, eighth, with fortunes estimated at millions of dollars, He admitted that years ago he had been visiting Brin regularly at his home in Silicon Valley (California).

Friendship spilled over into workDuring the 2008 economic crisis, Brin contributed nearly $500,000 in TeslaWhen the luxury electric car company was trying to increase its production.

According to the sources you cited Wall Street JournalAnd the Tensions between the billionaire have increased in recent months, So much so, that Brin ordered his financial advisors to sell his personal investments in Musk’s companies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Brin and two guys separated for a year but were living together when the alleged incident occurred.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Brin and Shehaban separated for a year but lived together when the alleged “affair” took place in early December.

Divorce court papers, filed last January, cited Irreconcilable differences between spouses as a reason for separation.

Always according to the newspaper, Brian and the two guys have been separated for a year but live together when it is alleged issuethat occurred in early December.

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