Mega Millions or Powerball What if an undocumented person wins the prize?

Buying a Mega Millions or Powerball ticket always generates expectations and nerves, all buyers want to win the jackpot, But the question arises, what will happen if the undocumented person is the lucky one, will he be able to collect the money without problems?

Namely, expectations are growing more every day, as the Mega Millions jackpot has accumulated dand $790 million, It is the fourth largest grand prix in America.

After last Friday’s draw, no one hit the six winning numbers, which means that the stock market and its forecast Continues to grow among Mega Millions ticket buyers.

What happens if an undocumented person wins the lottery?

But have you ever wondered what happens if an undocumented immigrant hits all six numbers and wins the jackpot? Can you raise money without problems?

These are some of the questions answered by a representative for the California Lottery, interviewed by Univision.

The total prize pool is 790 million dollars

Which is that before the accumulated big bag, many people who are not registered or not, dream of winning $790 million in which the owner can have the next right to which the big draw is made.

For the past 3 months, no one has managed to win the jackpot, So there are 27 draws the bag is still piling up.

It was last April when The prize started with $20 million.

According to the California Lottery representative, anyone living in the United States can buy lottery tickets and be entitled to receive their prize.

Jorge de la Cruz, California Lottery spokesperson, He commented in an interview with Univisión, that you do not need to be a US citizen, nor to participate nor to collect any prize.

The right to collect the prize

“It is important to know and remember that you do not have to be a citizen to play or win,” De la Cruz said.

However, it is important to consider a few factors to verify your entitlement to a prize.

It is necessary to purchase a lottery ticket in the United States to be eligible to receive the prize.

In the case of undocumented They must have an identity document issued by their country of origin.

Although each state has its own rules, undocumented people generally have the right to collect Jackpot Mega Millions and Powerball.

For taxes upon award collection, non-citizens must pay between 30 and 40% regardless of state taxes.

On the other hand, citizens pay taxes of 25-30%.

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