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The list of functions that Siri can perform offline has been expanded in iOS 16!

With every iOS update, Apple’s virtual assistant becomes more and more efficient. Starting with iOS 16, Apple has enhanced various capabilities of sirilike those that are useful Take advantage of it without an internet connection, tell us about the characteristics of the applications And much more.

So, if you are part of the list of users who take advantage of Siri functionality on a daily basis, then this news guide is for you.

What’s new in Siri in iOS 16



Siri will display any app’s shortcuts automatically

Starting with iOS 16, when you download an update, Siri‌ can do just that Activate shortcuts instantlyThis way we can save time by skipping the additional configuration.



We can ask Siri to include emojis in our texts

Siri will also get along better with emojis. when writing text We can enter emoji without touching the keyboard. In order for Siri to do this for us, we just have to say the specific name of the request, preceded by the word emoji. For example: “heart emoji”.

hang up

Hands-free mode will be true to its definition thanks to this Siri update. Forget pressing any buttons instead Ask Siri to hang up.

Automatic sending of messages

iOS 16 has been improving the feature that lets you automatically send a message using Siri‌ since then Remove the confirmation step. This option can be programmed from Settings > Siri ‌ > Search menu.


Siri makes it easy for us too Understand what the app or feature does on your iPhone. Just say “Hello, sir, what can I do here?” For details on what Siri can do.

Offline support

Siri can do more on-device in ‌iOS 16‌ without having to connect to an Apple server, and take advantage of offline features. These include ‌Siri‌ access can process HomeKit, intercom, and voice mail requests.

Accessibility Features


Siri improves its accessibility features

New also includes a setting for adjusting Siri’s pause time, making The voice assistant waits until we finish talking longer. Siri‌ pause time can be set to default, longer, and longer.

There is also an optionAnnouncing notifications on megaphone To have Siri speak your notifications aloud, you can turn on the Prefer Spoken Responses option to have Siri speak aloud in situations where your iPhone is on silent, for example.

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