A Florida family bought a used electric car for $11,000 and now needs a $14,000 battery replacement

Electric cars are notorious for being cheap because they don’t use gasoline, but their price when new isn’t cheap and When it comes to spare parts, surprises can happen like the one that happened to a family in Saint PetersburgFlorida.

According to Kvue, 17-year-old Avery Cywinsky was excited that her family He bought an electric car for $11,000 to go to school. It was the electric Ford Focus of 2014, with 60,000 miles.

At first everything was happy for Avery, because she came and went to school with her own car and she was happy Even after six months the car stopped working.

The driver comments that in March of loneliness I started sending an alert message on the dashboard until it crashed. Unfortunately, the family was going through hard times, because Avery’s father had just died of colon cancer.

His grandfather, Ray Cywinsky, stepped in to try to fix the car’s problems and I found that this was a common problem with this type of model.

They took the car to a licensed shop for repair: “The Ford dealer told us we could replace the battery,” Grandfather said. “It will only cost $14,000” (not including installation and labor costs), which is a number more expensive than the car originally cost.

After weeks of research, Ray Siwinski found that there are no other options to repair the car: Then we found out that the batteries weren’t even available..

This way even if they are willing to pay whatever amount They could not get the battery.

“This turns out to be a very common problem for this particular car,” said Ray Cywinsky.

The accident was reported to Ford Auto Nation in Pinellas County in recent months. Share it Auto Nation offered to buy the car from him for $500..

“If you are buying a new one, be aware that there is no second-hand market right now because of Manufacturers do not support carsCywinsky said.

Jed Avery’s recommendation is Research before you buy this class of car, it may end up costing more than you think.

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