◉ BLUE dollar TODAY: At what price did it close and what was the price on July 26th

The price of the blue dollar live

The coin is trading at $317 to buy and $322 to sell.

In moments the market opens

I followed minute by minute the price of the blue dollar and the official dollar.

What is a blue dollar?

The blue dollar, also known as the parallel dollar or the black dollar, is a euphemism used in Argentina to refer to US dollars that are illegally bought on the black market. Its main feature is that its exchange rate is generally higher than the official dollar.

What does the value of the blue dollar depend on?

The attraction for those dealing with this currency is that its price rises sharply in times of exchange rate instability. Therefore, despite the fact that the blue dollar is an unofficial exchange rate that is traded outside the system, we must not lose sight of the fact that its rate depends on the rest of the real economy.

For these reasons, Argentines generally bet on the informal dollar because it has two characteristics, firstly, it is a guarantee of value against the permanent devaluation of the peso, and secondly, it is informal and does not exist for the treasury, which it uses. Escaping the enormous tax pressure imposed by the state.

I followed a live broadcast of the price of the blue dollar today

Find out how much the currency is trading, minute by minute, with all the information about what’s happening in the market.

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