Elon Musk got on his knees and apologized to the founder of Google after an affair with his wife

An alleged and fleeting romance between Elon Musk and Nicole Shanahan, wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, caused the couple to separate at the beginning of 2022.

Brian and Musk were good friends, however, when the Google creator found out about Shanahan’s infidelity, he ended a long-standing friendship with the businessman and immediately asked his then-wife for a divorce.

This Sunday, July 24th, announced by The Wall Street JournalAnd the Through sources close to tech tycoons, in a report that has been replicated by major international media.

Obviously, Musk, 51, is sorry for what happened, he apologized to Brin, but it was too late.

He said, “Musk allegedly got down on one knee and begged his old friend to forgive him.” from the inside.

Although Brin, 48, accepted his apology, he was going to tell his financial advisors he no longer wanted anything in common with Musk’s various businesses, including Tesla, a company where, the middle Affirmed, the co-founder of Google invested $500,000 in the middle of the financial crisis, in 2008. Since then, the billionaire entrepreneurs have not spoken to each other.

the magazine She reported that Brin gave Musk $500,000 to help keep Tesla afloat during the 2008 financial crisis, and in return, Musk gave Brin one of the first sports cars. Fox News.

The Wall Street Journal He reveals that the relationship between Musk and Shanahan began in December 2021, during the Art Basel fair in Miami, and that by that time Brin and his wife were already separated, but still living together for their daughter.

Brin’s divorce petition has been filed in the Santa Clara County Superior Court and says it is due to “irreconcilable differences.” So far, it is an ongoing process.

“I hope that Sergey and I can move forward with dignity, honesty and harmony for the sake of our son. Shanahan told the Puck news site and was copied by both of us.” from the inside.

Brian and Shanahan have been married for four years and met at a resort three years before they walked down the aisle.

Elon Musk became an entrepreneur who often makes people talk not because of his work, but because of his personal life. For example, in 2021 he ended up with his girlfriend, singer Grimes, and months later they became parents through a surrogate. In addition, his name appeared in Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard, for being one of the actress’s supposed lovers.

On the other hand, it was recently revealed that the billionaire businessman secretly had twins in November 2021 with Shivon Zilis, one of his executives at Neuralink.

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