Beer shortage affects businesses

Chihuahua.— Businesses in the city are facing the effects of a scarcity of many brands of beer due to limited supplies such as glass and aluminium, as well as grain to manufacture the product and water.

Mauricio Mori, who heads a segment of businesses such as pubs and canteens, commented that half of the major brewers’ brands are not currently available to supply stores.

He added that some even chose to go to other destinations to fill out their inventories, despite being subjected to penalties by brewing companies, because this goes against the agreed practices between the supplier and the customer.

He explained that this situation began to be observed seven months ago, when the main problem was the lack of glass and aluminum, but the repercussions of the war in Ukraine were added, as this came to destabilize the wheat and hops market in the world. , making it difficult to get the grains for fermentation.

One factor that has affected Mexico is the drought in Nuevo Leon, a state with the country’s largest breweries.

He noted that 2022 was a very complicated year for the market and companies, as they tried to maintain prices, but it became less sustainable for venue owners.

The shortage of a wide variety of beer is known in the city’s supermarkets and department stores, as some brands that are among the most consumed by Chihuahuas are no longer easy to find.

Moret added that such conditions do not seem to improve during August, as it is another month of high consumption. He commented that companies have to place their orders the way the supplier tells them, so they stick to what’s on the list of beers that can be stocked, but found that those that are bestsellers because of their price are temporarily unavailable, and the remaining options are more expensive.

For his part, people like Juan Calderon explained that yesterday he wandered through several outlets in the north of the city in search of one of the most consuming brands, but the explanation was that they had delays in the supply.

the hunt…

Some business owners have chosen to go to other states to bring in the product

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