Ice cream and cool environment for dogs in Cabo Rojo

Two young men from Caborrojeños, Jahn Vargas González and Alondra Valentín López, have created a concept that, while delighting the tastes of every customer, is also an opportunity to pamper every pet.

This is Del Trópico Acai & Frapé, a “food truck” where they sell a variety of frappe flavors, as well as ice cream lollipops for dogs.

“Before opening the business, I told Alondra that we should have a ‘pet friendly’ option as there is no choice here in Cabo Rojo. This city has many ‘pet lovers’ and you should always have a choice for people who like to go out with their animals. The young man, who holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Mayagüez, said, “They come and ask for frappes and buy ice cream lollipops for the pets.”

Popsicles are prepared on the basis of water and natural fruits, without the use of “condensed cream”, milk or any other ingredient that is allergenic to animals.

“It all depends on water and fruits. Syrup is not used. Each week it is made differently: raspberry, strawberry yogurt, strawberry alone, or banana peanut butter. The bestseller is raspberry. I sell every day. “I sell about 25 weeks out of the six days I work a week,” said this young entrepreneur.

While visiting Puerto Rico Somos, we met Said, a dog adopted by Jose Antonio Rivera Zapata, who was enjoying a strawberry lollipop in the shape of a footprint.

“The flavor they like the most is red (cherry); sometimes I come with all three, but I make a fuss, so I exchange them. A lot of people come here with their dogs. In Cabo Rojo, there are almost no places with dogs. There are almost no places with dogs,” said Rivera Zapata: “I like to go out with my dogs everywhere, but not everywhere they let you stay with the dogs.”

“I already have regular customers who come in asking: ‘Do you have a sundae?’ and they come down to buy. Sometimes they don’t buy frappes, but they buy lollipops for their pets. What comes the most are people with dogs. One of them comes with cats, but they don’t interact the same. Dogs love them” , said the owner, who is 19 years old, has experience in the restaurant industry.

Del Trópico Acai & Frapé is the name that characterizes this innovative concept, whose strength lies in the versatility of the frappe it offers, as well as the flavor and consistency of its preparation that satisfies the need to cool off on a hot day.

“I came from the restaurant industry and saw the announcement of the cart being sold, it wasn’t. We take five to six months between restoration and permitting. I started in February with some flavors of what we were learning about the business and then added some new flavors,” said the young man who confirmed. The location on the PR-100 highway has contributed to the success of this concept.

Although it has a large list of flavors, Ferrero and Nutella are the most sought after; Without leaving behind the flavor of mixed fruits and piña coladas, “which are sold as if they were giving away,” he said with a bit of humor while preparing the lemonade, he stormed into the new house. “Our lemonade is different from other places; and coconut and passion fruit, we add ice cream as if from the beach, sherbet and people are crazy.”

For his part, Valentin Lopez, the architect of the frappe recipe, attributes the success to “I feel that in addition to adjusting the recipe is the appeal of customer service. This is something that symbolizes this business we feel since you arrived home; and that we have contributed to the need for places with pets. We have Photo album of dogs that visit us.

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