Baidu unveils a self-driving electric car without a steering wheel

The Apollo RT6 self-driving electric car in Beijing, China on July 20, 2022.
Photo: Noel Seles/AFP

On Thursday, Chinese tech giant Baidu introduced a fully self-driving electric car with a detachable steering wheel.

The new model called Apollo RT6, It is designed for complex urban environments and equipped with a total of 38 sensors, Including 8 LiDAR (Laser Object Detection and Measurement System) and 12 cameras.

The company claims that the safety and reliability of the Apollo RT6 is backed by “a massive amount of real-world data, and a total test mileage of more than 20 million miles.”

This sixth generation autonomous electric vehicle supports two modes: with steering wheel and without steering wheel.

How much is your price?

The wheelless design allows more room in the cabin, and the first row of seats can be configured to accommodate vending machines, desks, game consoles and more. The Apollo RT6 will be part of Baidu’s service robotics fleet in China from 2023.

(taken from RT in Spanish)

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