What are QR Notifications

On a frequent basis, the popular digital platform of instant messagesAnd the The WhatsAppannounces the news it brings to its users, who find new updates that add functionality or features to the application to improve the user experience with new elements that enrich chats, which already has many options to customize your conversations with your contacts, to attach photos, videos, voice notes, stickers, emojis and more So a lot.

Both in the app and in PC version known as The WhatsApp the webupdates bring functionality that improves the versatility of the program, as in the case of Responsive new notifications.

With this new feature, which is still in the testing phase, users will be allowed to respond to it Messages appetizers Which is received, by the same notification.

You no longer have to check your phone or open the page to be aware of your conversations. (Pixabay)

Quick response notifications on WhatsApp Web is a feature that has not yet been officially launched, so well-known company customers – like Instagramis part of Goal also Facebook– He will later be able to access this function.

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Specifically, what new notifications allow you to do is respond individually to messages from the notification that notifies you of their receipt. Thus, you do not have to go to the notifications section and then open the conversation item to read it, saving you time so that you can continue to attend your tasks and communicate with your contacts without having to enter the portal.

It is also important to clarify that this new functionality is only available for the desktop version of WhatsApp Web, which is accessed from the Internet browser tab; Show the relevant notifications.

Just for the sake of this program presentation, the novelty has been prepared, excluding the other variant of PC or LaptopDownloadable software whatsapp desktopalso known as Desk.

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Some of the functions that users have come to expect from this program have also been released recently, because after it was only available in the original smartphone app, it is now Voice notes and the Self-destructing picture and video messages It is already a reality for you to enjoy from your computer.

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