The Dominican who took part in the James Webb mission describes the photos as ‘absolutely cool’

The most important mission to date for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has achieved a landmark achievement: capturing the deepest images of the universe. Stars and dust have been frozen in the first public images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

In the teams, there is a Dominican woman who has been working since 2014 to achieve this historic feat that began with the launch of the device on Christmas Day 2021.

Still very excited and proud of the telescope observations, Scarlin Hernandez spoke with reporters from Listín Diario about the experience of the US Space Laboratory.

“Like winning a baseball championship, it was an incredible thing, there was a lot of emotion,” such was the atmosphere in the NASA offices when the entire team was able to see the first image released to the public on July 11 at an event at the White House of the President of the United States Joe Biden.

The participants’ experience has been a roller coaster full of hard work, but with satisfying results to be proud of. The stress, in the words of Scarlin, was worth it, because everything that was observed in the image that collects thousands and thousands of galaxies three billion years ago was described by the young woman as “absolutely wonderful.”

“We were able to see dust and fog with the infrared instrument from the observatory and see what’s in it,” he has a glint in his eyes because the accuracy of the most powerful telescope in recent times was twice what was expected and required for the mission.

Hernandez, an aerospace engineer, said she cried when she saw how far they had come. The emotion, which is reflected in his proud tone of voice, is no less if for nearly eight years he has been involved in the whole process with the development of codes for controlling and controlling the activities of spacecraft systems in orbit.

After months of tests, the last time he was with the telescope before leaving for outer space, on December 25, 2021, he felt he was saying goodbye to his child, which would allow him to discover everything outside this planet.

Whoever thinks that “it is impossible to be alone here”, repeats that through this process we will learn more about the universe, how stars are born, the evolution of galaxies, the curiosity of the solar system and the origin of the universe.

Simple job?
The development and testing of codes for the mission deployment control subsystem, as well as for commanding and controlling the activities of the ship’s systems from the ground through a computer and full spectrum display, are some of the functions performed by Scarlin, who also directed several tests prior to the launch of the device.

Hernandez, who is originally from Cebu (Yanico municipality, in Santiago), is proud to represent this half of the island in the Caribbean and to contribute to the project, demonstrating the capacity of this nation both inside the world and “and beyond”.

The $10 billion space observatory is designed to expand upon the scientific successes of the Hubble telescope, launched in 1990.

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